Saturday 26 January 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day!

Dear Friends!
How much I miss you!!!
I have been going around like a chicken without a head, trying to get everything together: house, family (cooking and cleaning), friends (seeing at least ONE friend a week), my new business!

I love working with furniture and finding beautiful vintage treasures, but the work that goes "behind the scenes" takes way more time then the actual hunting and painting!

Just to coordinate the Social Media and Blogging, it was a very time-consuming learning experience!
I am getting better on my post on Facebook, check me out:

Writing my Blog on Wordpress has been another challenge I do miss Blogspot. But hosting my own blog is important to me, so I will keep doing it, and hopefully you all follow me there!

I just wanted to show you my first sign, which I made thinking of Valentine's Day!

I painted ASCP Country Grey, then emperor's Silk. Distressed with a wet cloth.
I chose the words and printed them on my printer, making sure the words would fit nicely on my board. Then I traced them on top of the board, using carbon paper.
I then painted the words (2 coats) with a small brush, in Country Grey.
Here you can see "let" is waxed and "me" is not waxed yet.
I used Cece Caldwell Clear Wax. I love that wax, not as sticky and smelly as ASCP Wax.

I will be writing a new post shortly on
Please come over!
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones!

Sunday 16 December 2012

New Blog!!!

New Blog!

Dear friends,

Time is flying, I cannot believe we are SO CLOSE to Christmas!!!!
I miss blogging and visiting all of you.
I am in the process of copying all the posts here to the new blog

Please make sure to visit me there!

Friday 30 November 2012

Re-purposed Mailbox and Table base!

Re-purposed Mailbox and table base!

Dear friends!

Check out my new project!!!!
Please read all about it on my new website and blog:

I will be waiting!!!

Thursday 22 November 2012

Tuesday 6 November 2012

New Website

Dear friends!

I am so grateful to all of you, my readers!

As you know, I started my business, and with that, 
a new name came to place.

ReStory Furnishings

I hope you love it as much as I do!

I love it because I work with previously owned furniture and vintage items. So... they already had a "life", a "story" in someone else's home. 

And after I work on these items, they are "fresh" to live a "new story" in my clients' homes!

I know, I know I did not have to spell it out for you.

I also love the fact that it plays on the word "restore".

We are working hard on the new website, have you seen it yet?

We still need to find ways to get all of you connected and my website developer said I have to decide on which ways I want to have it on the site. 

This is more complicated than my blogspot blog, let me tell you! I admire fellow bloggers that can do all themselves!

But soon it will all be in place!

I have been migrating the posts and soon all the posts you have here, you will have there.

I am also working on my Facebook page for ReStory, 
you can find it here:

Once I see at least all my followers are there, I will shut down CondensedLoveHome. 

I hope to see you soon at

Thank you so much for always supporting me!


Sunday 28 October 2012

Milk Glass

Dear friends!

I have been working hard on building my new website and my business!
My hope is by the New Year to have all of you reading my blog on

I now have a Facebook page for ReStory, also!

I will be duplicating posts for now so you can follow me in both blogs!

Just thought I would share my Milk Glass collection!
My friend Pam gave me this beautiful cake plate last week, which inspired me to bring a few pieces to my dinning table.

I made a cake this afternoon but something went wrong... So tomorrow I am trying again! I need a cake for my new cake plate!

Sunday 14 October 2012

Chair for Charity Event!

Dear friends!

I am excited to participate in a fundraiser that my ASCP supplier is organizing, to help the Langley Christmas Bureau.

They asked participants to restore a chair and donate so they can auction at their event on October 25th.

Here are some photos of my chair!
I love it...
I actually did not want to send them this picture, in hope that I would find another chair to donate, LOL!
I have plans for her... Actually, it looks more like a him, don't you think?? He looks like a serious chair!

An here it is Mr. Chair all done up!
He will be auctioned at The Passionate Home event 
this Thursday!