Tuesday 28 February 2012

Fireplace, finished!!!!

Dear friends!

So far this has been a wonderful conversation, I have gotten lots of comments (not on the blog, but outside) about my postings! Thank you for your encouragement!
So, most of you have seen my house and my fireplace! Lots to do here!!!

After priming, which proved to be a pain... literally, my arm was burning...

I went to Rona and bought a thicker paint brush, which I thought it would make the job easier, instead of puffy roller and then brush.
It did!!! I just dipped the  brush straight in the paint bucket and I think in less than an hour, I had it done.
Problems: splattered the wood paneling on each side of the fireplace, the slate on the bottom PLUS one of my favourite pair of pants!!!
Anyway, bought a paint thinner last night and cleaned it all up. 
So here it is!!!!

Now, remember how it looked before???

And just so you have a laugh... 
here is my "equipment" for spraying the black metal part...
Michael Jackson lives!!!!

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