Saturday 25 February 2012

Painting my fireplace

My house is about 50 years old, and the fireplace has that rough gray tile all around it. To make matters worse, the metal around the fireplace was golden...
So my friend Kika told me I could SPRAY paint the golden part BLACK! I went to Rona and got a "heat resistant" mate black spray paint. I had it for a while, but 2 days ago decided to go for it. I opened the living room door so I would have more air circulation in the house. Kitchen door was also open. I also wore a mask (bought at loonie store, not sure if it works or if it was just decorating my face, lol - my son said I looked like Michael Jackson) and also my sunglasses (to protect my eyes), hahahahahaahaha!!!. Got it DONE!!! 
First  I cleaned it. The metal part with ASP and the tiles with a soft brush. Got dust all over... 
Then I taped all around it. I should have covered all the glass but didn't. Later David told me I should have covered the glass with saran wrap! Great idea! 
Anyway, just .shook the can and sprayed it. I got some drips, which I cleaned with paper towel but then had it again... They disappeared once the paint dried. I was a little scared to spray and reach the pilot, so do not do this without asking a painter first! My fireplace has glass in front, and it was shut, so the paint did not reach the pilot. But I was more careful when I did that side, sprayed further away and watched the flame, hahahahaha!!! I know!!!!
SO, after it dried, I took the tape off and taped the other way, so I could prime the tiles. 
The lady at the paint store told me to use a soft fluffy roller and then use a brush to cover what the roller missed. Well... the roller missed A LOT. My arm was burning from priming, I had to call my son to paint a bit.

Tomorrow I am going to finish priming and paint it off-white. The primer is a bright white. 
I did not finish today because it was my son's PROM so we spend the day involved with it. But this is another story!

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