Wednesday 2 May 2012

Mirrored Doors!!!

Dear Friends!!!

First I have to say THANK YOU to all of you that are following my adventures!!!!

I have to say that this blog (and all of you) bring me so much happiness. It is even strange, how this blog is changing my life. Thank you so much for all your encouragement!!!

SO, this life of "treasure hunting" is really exciting!!! About two weeks ago, I found and ad about some crystals. You know, the kind you hang on a chandelier?? So I have a chandelier I want to update. To make the story short...

The guy lived close to a friend of mine and was friends with the family!!! TALK ABOUT A SMALL WORLD!!!! "I die and don't see it all", like my uncle once said!!!

So, I went to his house and met this adorable little man, that has a passion for antiques like many of us!!! He even played a 3 million old record on a three million old record player for my friend and me. So cute.

Anyway... Bob showed me some of his treasures... (take your mind out of the gutter, LOL)

And I fell in love with these DOORS... If only I had a place to put it!!!

The only walls left in my living room where beside the window!!

Today Bob and my friend's husband Brian, came to deliver the doors. SO KIND!!!

The doors weight a ton, so I would break myself in half and wouldn't be able to carry them.

I am not sure about the blue blankets... I keep moving them around...

I had a bigger pile of magazines on this table... took it down a bit. This is the place we use the most. 

In the basket you will find a MEASURING TAPE (I browse on Craigslist with the little black laptop), my glasses (went blind last year)HAND CREAM, and a little NAIL KIT (so annoying if you need a file and can't find one)!

Note I took the blankets off the couch...

It will take a while to decide what goes on this table.  It is always changing...  Maybe a smaller vase with flowers would be better...

I love this silver tray sign I bought at The Passionate Home in Langley. Tried to make some myself, they looked crappy... The black statue my mom gave me; she said it reminded her of me, because I am crazy about my son. It is a mom holding her son up high. 

I love this picture because it is my stepdaughter with her daughter in her arms... I can see JOY in her face. 

So here are the doors again!!!!


This ottoman is always there... I put my feet on it!

Here is my fireplace
(so you get a bit of a picture of the living room)

The fireplace is on the right wall of the sofa

And on the left... 
The entrance, and Enzo!!

He is always trying to get in the pictures!!!

I think my house is "too brown"and I am trying to brighten up a bit... 

But would you PAINT those doors???

Today I am partying at:

 Fridays Unfolded

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  1. Mirrors always give the impression of space. it's been said before but when in doubt go white.

    1. Hi, Carolyn!!
      Thank you for your comment!!!
      Yes, I am thinking they would look good in white...
      But I am always afraid to "ruin" an "antique"
      They are paneled on the back, they are beautiful!

  2. You scored. With mirrors you can DOUBLE whatever is in sight. So, if that is beauty, then you'll get double that. But... if it's a mess, then you'll get double that also. Ensured your mirrors are placed in best way.. ;-_)

    Thanks for sharing, Desire!

    1. Hi, Rose!
      I am so glad you liked them!!! Oh, isn't funny??
      Yesterday taking the photos I NOTICED I could see a stack of magazines I left on the dinning table, LOL!!!
      Yep! Doubles the mess, too!!!

  3. I love white for trims and things, it makes everything look fresh, bright and clean.
    I have bench envy- I have been after a bench like that in your last photo for 2 years and still haven't managed to get one!

    1. Hi, Deanne!!!
      So nice of you to come over!!!
      I forgot to mention, you are my new hero, I only have ONE son!!! I don't know how people maintain sanity with more than two kids, lol!
      Keep searching for the trunk! Late nights and Sundays are the best times for Craigslist finds here in my city!

  4. Nice find!

    Thanks for sharing at Beautify It Monday!

    -Four Sisters

    1. Thanks for coming over, ladies!!!
      It is a pleasure to be at your partaaayy!!!

  5. Lovely! The mirrored doors are beautiful!
    Greetings from Australia♥

    1. Thank you, Pernilla!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over!
      I am going to check your blog!
      I follow Desire Empire, love Carolyn, that is "Down Under" too!!!

  6. thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my vintage bed, Claudine! Looks like you are having so much fun! :) I see you are from Brazil- my cousin lives there, and is now living in Curitiba. My aunt and uncle are still there too- I can't remember what part at the nice to meet you.

    1. Hi, Denise!
      That's so nice of you to come over!!!
      Such a small world, right? I am from Porto Alegre, the capital of two States down south from Curitiba! Curitiba has a reputation to be very organized and a great place to live in Brazil! My mom and my brother moved up North, Sao Luis.
      I am going to set up my bed and dresser in the office temporarily (my mom is coming with a friend in June) and I will post here. I love what you did with your bed!!!

  7. Hi Claudine,
    What a great find those doors are. I think I might paint them to lighten up a bit, especially if you are feeling that your house is too brown. Thanks for sharing your room with us.

    1. Hi, Laura!!! How are you feeling?
      Yes, I love them! I KNOW< maybe white wash them??
      Thanks for coming over, you are always so kind!!!
      Have a great weekend! No Sunday trip to hospital, ok??

  8. What a find!! I love that tray as well... will have to go and check out The Passionate Home one of these days!!


    1. Hi, Kathryn!!
      Yes, let me know when you go and I will meet you there!
      I need to go and buy some paint!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!

  9. Love the doors! I think I would do just what your a doing, play around with the room. I just found your blog and am now your newest follower.

    1. Thank you so much, Chris!!!
      I will come and follow your blog, too!
      I know, it takes a while for us to find the right things, the right places to put it... It never ends, LOL!
      Talk to you soon!

  10. Hi Claudine, I found your blog through a comment you left on Home Sweet Nest, realizing you are local, I had to check you out!! I'm from Abbotsford, and love following other local bloggers, so consider me a new follower! :)


    1. Hi, Leanne!!!
      Awww, THANK YOU!!!!
      I am coming over to your blog as soon as I answer this!
      I also love to meet locals!
      I know Elisa, she is the one that motivated ME to write my blog!
      Personally I know Kelley, from The Upholster's Wife, she is on my blog list!
      I don't know Kathryn personally but she is also in the Lower Mainland (UglyDucklings).
      And of course, Kristy from 4 the Love of Wood, I also don't know her in person.
      We should organize a lunch one of these days!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over and following me!

  11. Claudine, your mirrored doors are lovely! That tray is a beauty also. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Sherry!
      Thank you so much!!!
      I know, you probably could do trays like that...
      I should post pictures of the ones I did... yaaacks!!!!
      Maybe you can suggest a way to fix them. LOL!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over!

  12. Hi Claudine, the doors are so pretty!!! What a find. Weather you decide to paint them or not, they are truly unique, and lovely. Hope you have a great week.


    1. Hi, Kristel!
      Thank you for your comment!
      Oh, I am in love with the doors...
      So funny how we become "treasure hunters"...
      the trill of finding something unique... or a good deal...
      Have a great week, too!