Friday 30 March 2012

Painted Chairs!

I have had these chairs for a while. I bought them as a pair, to put in my living room by a window...
The problem was that I ALREADY had something there! A chase longue (my husband said that's the correct spelling). Beautiful, comfortable... but too big for the space.
So finally, after keeping the chairs in other rooms for a while, they were painted TODAY!!!
And the chase longue advertised on Craigslist!!!

My friend Christine came to watch me paint, and helped me also! Nobody escapes, HAHAHA!
So we chatted and drank tea and painted away!!!

In the evening I actually found the energy (NOT - but I had to finish) to paint the other one.

Tomorrow, at daylight, I will show both of them side by side, probably with another table in the middle. I don't like to put "painted" with "painted". I am thinking I will make some changes here and bring an old but beautiful little table to place between the chairs.

Here they are!!!

First I painted it Aubusson Blue, from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Then I painted Old White. Distressed a bit.

 Distressed legs...

And arms...

The one on the left is a "before"!
I have been trying to make my house brighter, everything here is brown...

So pretty all dressed up!!!

Remember the blanket my friend brought from Portland?

And finally,  here is the pair with another table!

Don't you think this table matches better than the gray one?

Monday 26 March 2012

Creme Caramel or Brazilian "Pudim'"

I was so anxious to write about this recipe!!! 

I made a goal to write one condensed milk recipe 
every blog "anniversary" and 
we completed one month  yesterday!

THANK YOU so much my readers, we got more than 500 page views this month!!!!
Unfortunately I was so busy the last couple days that could not make the Brazilian Pudim and take pictures, etc. That made me pretty CRANKY!!!! As the days went by (Friday was my deadline so you could read on the 24th - the "month-sary") I was getting more and more upset. Then this morning, it hit me: the reason to start a blog in the first place, was to record the things I do for my FAMILY: the little projects to make my home beautiful for my FAMILY, the comfort foods I cook for my FAMILY... see a trend here???
So, here I was, cranky with my FAMILY, because I could not find the time to write on my blog, LOL!!!!

This morning I went grocery shopping and came home to cook lunch. I decided that cleaning the fridge, the kitchen and cooking lunch was priority. 

My husband texted me and said: "How are you doing, baby? I am so hungry!" It was 1pm and he was coming home from soccer. I said I was OK and cooking meatballs! He asked: "Did you make the pudding?" I said: "lunch is more important". 

So, right after I finished the meatballs, I made the Creme Caramel, and took pictures of the several steps for you!!! 

This is a big hit in almost every big party we have! 
It is easy and inexpensive to make.

It took me a long time to get it right, though... I will show you how!!!
Mix in a blender: 4 eggs, 1 can of condensed milk (any brand) and 1 1/2 cans of milk. This is the condensed milk can, that you measure for the milk, after you put the condensed milk in the blender.


This is a little "Pudim" (that's the spelling in Portuguese) pan. It has a lid. I actually bought it here in Canada in a Portuguese market. But you can make in any other pan, even  in a Pirex. I would make it round. Don't use Angel Food pan because the liquid will get out from the opening.
I did not measure the sugar for the caramel, just put enough to melt and cover the bottom and the sides of the pan (maybe a cup). I put it straight on the burner, you can put in a sauce pan and then pour into your pan. Basically you just melt the sugar until it becomes a caramel. 

It should look like this.

Pour the mixture on the pan.
Bake 350F oven for 1 hour in "Bain Marie"
I put water in a square Pirex and this little pan fits right in it.
Start the oven from cold.

When you take it out of the oven, it will be "puffed".
Let it cool on the counter.
Remember my pan has a lid, if yours doesn't, cover it with tin foil so it doesn't burn on top.

See how it looks more "set" and not puffed anymore?

Here it was refrigerated for about 4 hours. It was cold, more set and see the borders are getting away from the sides of the pan a bit. I carefully put a plastic knife in the middle and borders to make sure it won't stick to the pan when I turn it upside down. I then shake the pan gently to make sure the sides and middle are lose from the pan.

Place your cake plate on top of the pan...

Turn it upside down quickly and
wait... (cold feeling in my tummy, every time!!!)

My grandma would actually put some water and heat the pan a bit to make more syrup. I don't do that, my family is not crazy about the sauce.


My husband gets the first piece!!!

I hope you enjoy!!!

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Thursday 22 March 2012

Vintage finds from Portland

My friend Kika went to Portland last weekend, and brought me a bunch of treasures she found at a vintage shop!

This runner matches perfectly with 
Spring and my Easter centerpiece!
(I know, I have to stop using my cell as a camera...)

Can you see the little butterfly?? It is the runner under this glass tray! Adorable...

She also brought me this throw...
Something my Grandma would've made.
Funny how so many things people don't want it, other people (like me) love it!!!

I think it looks great here, but I am planning to paint two chairs to put by a window you don't see in this picture and that's where it is going to be!

And she brought me this pretty sign, which goes 
PERFECTLY on my newly painted table!!!
Awwww!! I am in love!!!

Kika also brought me a CARD from the store, so I can tell YOU where she found all these treasures!!!
616 E. First St
Newberg, OR 97132
Kathy Smith is the manager
They also have a Facebook page!
I found so cute that Kika asked the lady about the store's story, how it all started. The lady said the owner 
LOVED vintage stuff! 

I used to think I just liked old stuff because I immigrated  to Canada and had to leave all my stuff behind. I did not have family treasures at the time, LOL!
But now I also see people talking about SAVING treasures as a way to protect our environment, recycling and re-purposing! So there! We are saving the planet here!!!

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Flourless Orange Cake and Apple Caramel Cake

I am so inspired by so many bloggers out there, trying to make their lives better, taking care of their homes and their families!! 
Aside from home decoration, I have read lots of posts about food and got inspired!!!! Our weather here has been specially "convenient" to stay home and bake!!!Here is what I made!

Flourless Orange Cake, from Desire Empire blog

It looked GREAT!!!

She does such a better job "styling it", LOL!

I looked at her Carolyn's cake again, and comparing mine seems a little "undercooked"?
Anyway, we LOVED it!!! It was moist and citrusy (I invented this word right now)!!!

I felt this one was more of an "adult" cake, so today I made a "kid" pleaser cake:

Apple Caramel Cake, as I read on

I have to say that it looked just like Sherry's cake!

I poured the caramel on top 
(I cannot believe I MADE caramel!!!)

Didn't I do a MUCH better job "staging" my picture this time??? Inspired by Carolyn and Sherry!!!

Sherry mentioned she got a new cup and I also got a new cup so 
I enjoyed her recipe with tea in my new cup...

Next time you see a recipe that you think you will enjoy, TRY IT!!!
It made me SO HAPPY!!!

Sunday 18 March 2012

Mirror and table makeover!!!

I could NOT wait to share with you my guestroom makeover... So instead of waiting for the whole room to be completed, I am showing you my new mirror painted in ASCP Antoinette (pink) and my "stenciled" table!!!

Really quickly, step-by-step!!!
First, a "before" picture!!!
This mirror is actually PLASTIC. I bought it for $5 on Craigslist. The table I have had it for years, and it was expensive so I did not want to part with it. This chair is going to my living room so I am not including it in the "after" pictures.

First I washed with TSP and a wet rag. Just dried with a paper towel. I have read about it in one clever lady blog and I think it does make a difference.

Ok, PAY ATTENTION to the edges of the mirrors you buy... I didn't and as a result could not fully coat it with paint. It is ok for my "distressed" look, but if you wanted a solid white it would be almost impossible to achieve here.

See?? this part above was the only part I could actually put the tape UNDER the scalopped (??) edges.

Painted with ASCP Old White, leaving some of the gold underneath showing.

Then added a coat of ASCP Antoinette (pink).
Distressed a bit just to show the gold and the white underneath and waxed with clear wax. 

And here is the table, which was inspired by Shannon from A Southern Belle with Northern Roots 
I chose a quote from 
(I just typed "inspirational words")
and printed on my printer ( I did a few tests before finding the right size that would fit my table) and traced on top of Graffite paper I bought at Michael's. I tried with newspaper like I read on  Shannon's blog but my newspaper gave very few ink so I could not read the words. Then I PAINTED it with craft grey paint and a thin brush. After drying I distressed with a fine sanding block and waxed with clear wax. 


Can you read the quote??
"You are the MAGICIAN,
the one who possesses all the HOCUS POCUS!"

A box to keep the guest's makeup!
(I made this room thinking of my mom) 

I glued a candlestick on this saucer I bought at a thrift store. I saw this on Nate Berkus show and have been obsessed with finding items to glue together but have not been successful, LOL! But this one is for my mom to put her jewellery! This is a pearl necklace I got from her... 

I thought about painting the brass (??) candle holder but changed my mind in the last minute. The tea light holder is crystal, got it at Winners. Something shinny!!!
I still have to hang the chandelier, paint the walls and buy new bedding for this room. I will keep you posted!

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