Sunday 16 December 2012

New Blog!!!

New Blog!

Dear friends,

Time is flying, I cannot believe we are SO CLOSE to Christmas!!!!
I miss blogging and visiting all of you.
I am in the process of copying all the posts here to the new blog

Please make sure to visit me there!

Friday 30 November 2012

Re-purposed Mailbox and Table base!

Re-purposed Mailbox and table base!

Dear friends!

Check out my new project!!!!
Please read all about it on my new website and blog:

I will be waiting!!!

Thursday 22 November 2012

Tuesday 6 November 2012

New Website

Dear friends!

I am so grateful to all of you, my readers!

As you know, I started my business, and with that, 
a new name came to place.

ReStory Furnishings

I hope you love it as much as I do!

I love it because I work with previously owned furniture and vintage items. So... they already had a "life", a "story" in someone else's home. 

And after I work on these items, they are "fresh" to live a "new story" in my clients' homes!

I know, I know I did not have to spell it out for you.

I also love the fact that it plays on the word "restore".

We are working hard on the new website, have you seen it yet?

We still need to find ways to get all of you connected and my website developer said I have to decide on which ways I want to have it on the site. 

This is more complicated than my blogspot blog, let me tell you! I admire fellow bloggers that can do all themselves!

But soon it will all be in place!

I have been migrating the posts and soon all the posts you have here, you will have there.

I am also working on my Facebook page for ReStory, 
you can find it here:

Once I see at least all my followers are there, I will shut down CondensedLoveHome. 

I hope to see you soon at

Thank you so much for always supporting me!


Sunday 28 October 2012

Milk Glass

Dear friends!

I have been working hard on building my new website and my business!
My hope is by the New Year to have all of you reading my blog on

I now have a Facebook page for ReStory, also!

I will be duplicating posts for now so you can follow me in both blogs!

Just thought I would share my Milk Glass collection!
My friend Pam gave me this beautiful cake plate last week, which inspired me to bring a few pieces to my dinning table.

I made a cake this afternoon but something went wrong... So tomorrow I am trying again! I need a cake for my new cake plate!

Sunday 14 October 2012

Chair for Charity Event!

Dear friends!

I am excited to participate in a fundraiser that my ASCP supplier is organizing, to help the Langley Christmas Bureau.

They asked participants to restore a chair and donate so they can auction at their event on October 25th.

Here are some photos of my chair!
I love it...
I actually did not want to send them this picture, in hope that I would find another chair to donate, LOL!
I have plans for her... Actually, it looks more like a him, don't you think?? He looks like a serious chair!

An here it is Mr. Chair all done up!
He will be auctioned at The Passionate Home event 
this Thursday!

Monday 1 October 2012

Rocking Elephant!!!

Dear friends,

I miss you terribly!
But instead of blabbing about WHY I haven't posted recently,
I am going to show you my latest project!

My husband's family is in town and we have a 2-year old grandaughter.
I could not resist when I saw this wooden rocking elephant on Craigslist!!!
My friend Jeff gave him new rocking legs!!!

Can you see "KAMRON" written above the tail?
Awwww... I wonder where is Kamron now!

Since I was painting it put in a little girls room, I gave it a coat of ASCP Paris Gray...
Then a coat of ASCP Antoinette...
Then I distressed quite a bit, because I wanted the grey to show underneath. and I gave it a coat of Cece Caldwell Satin Finish.
Asha LOVED IT! She jumped right on it when she saw it! 
I will try to get a picture of her on it to show you!
Yesterday she noticed the elephant had a boo-boo...
The nose is broken! I just noticed this after I had bought it.
And here is what she did:
Can you se the Band-Aid??? LOL!!!
She is adorable!!!
I was thinking of repairing it, but it looks great with the Band-Aid, don't you think?
I will be writing more posts SOON!
Hugs galore to all my readers!
I am bringing this Pink Elephant to party at:

Furniture Feature Fridays

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Peachy Dessert

Dear friends,

I wrote this recipe on my first post, which very few people read it!
It comes with the story of WHY my blog is name 
Condensed Love:

Once I had a few friends home for dinner, and my friend Justine kept asking me what was in my Peachy Dessert... I kept telling her it was "looove" and finally I said: "looove and CONDENSED MILK"!! And she said: it is 
"Condensed Love"...
I am from Brazil, and I say we put condensed milk in everything, lol!

So here it is my recipe for what I call "Peachy Dessert"!

Peachy Dessert
2 cans of condensed milk
2 cans of milk (use the cond. milk can to measure it)
3 heaping tbsp of corn starch dissolved in 1/2 can of milk
2 cans of carnation thick cream
2 cans of peaches in light syrup (or 1 big glass jar as you see here)
Maria biscuits or any tea biscuit will do (I used Arrowroot this time)

It is super easy!!!
Heat the condensed milk dissolved with milk in a sauce pan.
When it is starting to boil, stir in the corn starch dissolved with milk.
It should start thickening right the way. It should have the consistency of pudding.
Set aside.

Separate the peaches syrup from the peaches, and dip the biscuits in the syrup.
In a dish ( I use a rectangular dish, like the one I use for lasagna - but tis time I used a "nicer" one), start placing the
biscuits side by side. Pour half of the condensed milk cream on it. 

Put a layer of chopped peaches (I use about 2/3 of the peaches because inside the layers they keep fresher than on top).

Put another layer of biscuits.
Add the 2 cans of thick cream (make sure you discard that water that forms in the can - I don't know the English word for it) to the remaining condensed milk custard. Sometimes it get lumpy, because the thick cream is cold, the custard is warm... but it tastes smooth. Pour over the biscuits; add the rest of the peaches. 
Refrigerate for about 2 hours!

And yes, you can change the fruit, but I would not use fresh fruit except for berries in the summer. I have never tried with other fruits, by the way.
I hope you enjoy!!!
I am sharing this recipe at:


And at Keeping it Simple Party!

Sunday 26 August 2012

Duck Egg Blue Rocking Chair

Dear friends!

I am so excited to share with you this sweet chair 
I painted for my friend Sue!
Sue saw the potential on this baby when she saw it at the Olde Farmhouse Vintage Fair end of June!
Sue loves color, so she wanted it painted blue. First I gave it two coats of shellac, to avoid the problem I had with my mom's bed... Then I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White.
I gave it a nice coat of ASCP Duck Egg Blue. I distressed a bit, to show the white underneath.
This time instead of Annie Sloan clear wax, I tried 
Cece Caldwell Satin Finish. It is a hard finish that you apply with a foam brush. The look and feel is pretty much the same as the wax, but I did not have to buff afterwards! I gave it two coats. Now it needs to cure for a week. 
Here is a close up:
And here without the throw:
I wish I was back into sewing, to sew a beautiful pillow for it!

My next post will be my peachy dessert, step-by-step with instructions!!!

I am so excited to share this project at:

Fridays Unfolded

Saturday 18 August 2012

Me, Myself and I

Dear friends,

Suzan, from Simply Vintageous, nominated me for "Tell me about yourself Award". Suzan is adorable. She has an upbeat personality and it is always supportive in her comments. She has a wonderful blog, visit her if you have a minute!

In order to accept this award I need to say 7 things about myself and nominate 7 bloggers out there to do the same!
I hope I will find 7 interesting things to say about myself, LOL!

Here we go:
1. I LOVE a good LAUGH. I laugh at myself, I laugh about silly things, and I laugh when I am not supposed to. Like if you fall or trip in front of me, I will laugh. It is good most of the time, but sometimes is bad... LOL!

2. My husband David is my third husband, and is actually my fiancee. We were supposed to get married in May 2012 but decided not to because we had too many things going on this year - my son's Graduation in June and his daughter's Wedding in September. He is my THIRD husband and I am his THIRD wife. I don't really understand exactly WHY we want to get married... Third time lucky???

3. I HATE raw onions and bananas!

4. I am picky with food. Everything needs to be really CLEAN in the preparation or I won't eat it... it grosses me out if people try out of the pan, or leave food out on the counter too long, etc. 

5. I HATE trying clothes!! I love buying stuff for the house, but cannot stand shopping for myself...

6. I am a scaredy cat. I am afraid of bugs such as spiders... and I am afraid of strangers, for example I won't open the door to someone I don't know.

7. I have never been this happy. I found this new business and wonderful blogging friends which brought a new light into my life. I am so grateful.

I have many bloggers I love, let me pick 7 that I have not nominated yet:

Janine, from A Bit of Whimsy
Donna, from Funky Junk Interiors
4 Sisters, from Bringing Beauty
Lady Pamela, from Lady Pamela's Cottage
Kristel, from The Velvet Door
Crafty Canadian from Crafty in Canada
Tammy, from A Walk in the Country Side

If you have a chance, go check them out!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Rocking chair!!!

Dear friends!!!
I am happy to say I AM HOME!!!
I had fun with my brother and I was sad to to leave him but
I am so happy to be home and start my "normal" life.

I still feel that "tightness" in my heart from leaving him but 
I know it will pass as I get busier.

I have LOTS of projects to do and the FIRST on my list is a rocking chair for my friend Sue.
Do you remember this chair? Sue fell in love with it and asked me to paint it for her.

I am not sure if she wants the cushions, but they are looking pretty "drabby"(is that a word???)
to me...

Sue wants the chair painted Duck Egg Blue, like this table I painted.
I think it will look great!!!!

I should have it ready in a week!!!

I miss you ALL!!! 
Talk to you SOON!

Monday 6 August 2012

Harrods in London

Dear Friends,
I miss you so much.
I am in London with my brother and we have so much to do, I have not really had the time to take nice pictures but I think of you often. I always wonder what I could share with you.
So I was at Harrods today and took some pictures. 
This store is very famous in London. It is full of designer's clothes, handbags, etc.There are 4 or 5 floors of stuff to see. Also several restaurants. We were there a few times and had pizza once and Chinese food twice.
Today we had Ice Cream. I just wanted to share a few items they have in their food market.
It is a must see if you come to London!
Me coming out of Harrods... Faaancyyyy, LOL!
This is the guard at the door!
My brother found so interesting to have a basket ONLY with fruit to give as a gift to someone health-conscious! Not me, please!

I would rather have candyyyy!!!
Or a chocolate BAR...
The Gold Bars are to celebrate the God Medals at the Olympics.
But this is where we ended up!

Really Glamorous Ice Cream Parlour...

My brother's.
I will leave you with that!
Hugs galore,