Monday 1 October 2012

Rocking Elephant!!!

Dear friends,

I miss you terribly!
But instead of blabbing about WHY I haven't posted recently,
I am going to show you my latest project!

My husband's family is in town and we have a 2-year old grandaughter.
I could not resist when I saw this wooden rocking elephant on Craigslist!!!
My friend Jeff gave him new rocking legs!!!

Can you see "KAMRON" written above the tail?
Awwww... I wonder where is Kamron now!

Since I was painting it put in a little girls room, I gave it a coat of ASCP Paris Gray...
Then a coat of ASCP Antoinette...
Then I distressed quite a bit, because I wanted the grey to show underneath. and I gave it a coat of Cece Caldwell Satin Finish.
Asha LOVED IT! She jumped right on it when she saw it! 
I will try to get a picture of her on it to show you!
Yesterday she noticed the elephant had a boo-boo...
The nose is broken! I just noticed this after I had bought it.
And here is what she did:
Can you se the Band-Aid??? LOL!!!
She is adorable!!!
I was thinking of repairing it, but it looks great with the Band-Aid, don't you think?
I will be writing more posts SOON!
Hugs galore to all my readers!
I am bringing this Pink Elephant to party at:

Furniture Feature Fridays


  1. Hey I've missed seeing you Claudine!!!
    What a gorgeous unqiue one of a kind piece - perfect colors - she must have been thrilled -
    And I'm loving the boo boo :)
    Big Warm Hugs,

    1. Dear Suzan!!! Thank you so much!
      I know, I even thought of keeping it mostly grey!
      I have been crazy with the Business Plan. Did I tell you I am changing my business name
      to ReStory Furnishings? About my pieces living a new story in my clients homes.
      What do you think?
      I know, I am not sure I can repair the boo-boo now, lol!

  2. That's so cute! My daughter has collected elephant things all her life- she'd get a kick out of that rocker for SURE!

    Glad your gbaby loved it!!

    1. Thank you, Michele!!!
      I thought that was such an interesting piece, too! Asha was so funny riding it!
      She kept saying "Asha's room!" So we new we did it right!
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!

  3. Claudine,it is so nice,and quite different from the usual rockers. I bet someone made that with love for that little boy.
    Thank you for visiting and for your nice comments about my cooking.:) I find it so handy to fill the freezer,especially when the family pop in unexpectedly.:)

    1. Hi, Jeanet!
      I appreciate you coming over, too!!n
      Yes, the elephant is different from anything I have seen! ANd quite sturdy (I found out, LOL), too!
      I need to get my act together with the food ASAP! My plan is to make a few lunch options for my son to take to Universitiy. I am taking a course (in how to start my business) in the same University and the food is expensive and not so tasty (never mind the calorie content)!
      I will be visiting you more often for ideas!

  4. Claudine, the rocking elephant is adorable, never saw anything like it.

    And I love the added touch of the band-aid on it! HA!

    1. Hi, Kelly!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!
      I know, she is so cute!!!! (About the Band-Aid)

  5. So cute ! Ya don't see many rocking elephants ! Wonder how many kids had fun on that and how old it is , I bet it could tell some good stories ! Have a good day !

    1. Hi, Elaine! I loved your profile picture, haha!
      I live in North Vancouver BC, and I got this elephant from a lady in North Delta (close to Vancouver). It was a long drive but I could not resist it! SHe said she found it in her mothers attic! They have no idea when it was built I guess it was put there before her mother moved there? I would love to know more about it!
      Thank you for coming over!

  6. So glad you are enjoying your family. I think the bandaid is the perfect touch. :)

    1. Dear Laura!!!
      I miss you! Now I am going to start blogging more frequently.
      We haven't stopped since June, really.
      Yes, it was great to have the family over! Asha is growing so fast, she is 2 and a half years old. They left yesterday, so I am slowly catching up!

  7. Claudine,
    it's very cute! I love the band-aid!! What have you been up to lately??

    1. Dear Kathryn!
      Thank you for coming over!!! We need to meet for a coffee!
      I decided to change my business name to ReStory Furnishings.
      I am writing a business plan, getting website ready, new blog, etc.
      So i have been busy!
      I am in a self-employmet program so i go to school full-time.
      But classes are finishing in October.
      I will be atThe Olde Farmhouse Christmas market in November.
      Now, you tell me about yourself!

  8. What an adorable elephant, and your paint transformed him, I mean her.

    1. LOL! Yes, I guess it is "her", as she put a tiara and a bracelet on the elephant before she left!
      Thank you so much for coming over, Anita!

  9. Miss you so . Your elephant is So sweet with the band aid !! Hugs Kelley

    1. Dear Kelley!!! I miss you, too!!!
      Where did the Summer go???
      Yes, Asha loved her elephant!
      I guess it will be sold with the boo-boo...
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!