Monday 25 June 2012

My first Vintage Market!

Dear friends!!!
I am overjoyed (is that tacky???) with so many people reading my blog, THANK YOU!!!
My blog just completed 4 months yesterday, and I OWE you a condensed milk recipe!!!

Saturday I participated in my FIRST Vintage Market! 
The Olde Famhouse Vintage Market was a success!!!
I thought that table and the body form would go for sure, but they didn't! The chalkboard sold! My silver tea set had lots of interest, but I am thinking people are not so crazy about silver... I am alone in this one, LOL!
I sold a few items showing here: white jug on top, vintage little pitcher on second shelf, milk glass on the bottom of bookcase; Also sold the pink leather chairs. They were SO COMFY! One had a rip, and I was supposed to re-upholster it... but... NO.
I sold the pink ice cream bowls, the stainless steel coffee pot and the silver candle holders.
I sold this BEAUTIFUL carpenter box and the white candle holder. The lady bargained on the candle holder, and I sold for $20, only to realise later that I PAID $20 AND PAINTED IT!!!
Please, tell me you did this once, too!!!
The trunk and bread box were gone too, and so were the blue candle holders on top of the bread box. The red Parlour Chest did not move! I am this close to painting it white!!!
My friend Kelley, The Upholster's Wife, invited me to share a booth with her. Look at her stuff! 
I bought the blue little magazine rack in front of the yellow table...
Adorable pieces painted and picked by The Upholster's Wife...
I felt my part was kind of empty, and also I missed something in the background, like curtains and a banner! Next time!
I also wanted to share with you my 
This is a BUG SPRAYER, from back then. I have no idea how old it is. Made in England.
I bought it a long time ago because it reminded me of my Grandma. Since now I am starting this business, selling antiques, I thought it would be a cool thing to bring to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. I priced it $40, I have no idea how much I paid, it was years ago. Maybe it was overpriced? Nobody bought it. But we had lots of fun talking about it! Some people did not know what it was, and some people could SMELL the DDT just looking at it, LOL!!!!

I had an amazing time at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. Leah and Barb, the organisers, were wonderful. The vendors were so kind and had awesome stuff! I also met some fellow bloggers like Kathryn from Ugly Duckling Transformations and Tracey from Raggy Girl Vintage! And of course, we had amazing customers, people that came from far to see us! Put that together with a few friends and family... SUCCESS!!!

We are looking forward to next year's Market!

Saturday 16 June 2012

My mom's updated bedroom


So you "voted" and I painted the bed!!!

Here are the pictures of this room NOW!

 Notice her pink mirror...

And the daisies...

I had so much trouble with this headboard... had to apply shellac (read at Annie Sloan website) because the paint kept bleeding trough... I took the pillows off so you can see better.

 I chose light gray bedding sheets and towels for my mom.

This is a fluffy bed!!!

It shows funny in the picture but it looks quite white in "reality". More details in the "footboard" than the headboard.

And of course, my mom also got a gift box with goodies!
The bed again...
And without the pillows!
Thank you so much to everyone that motivated me to paint it!
And here is the old post, if you want to check the "before" pictures!
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Thursday 14 June 2012

Maria's Bedroom

Dear friends, 
My mom came from Brazil and brought our dear friend, Maria, with her. Maria knows my son since he was a baby and she also came to see his High School Graduation. Such a special guest deserved her very own bedroom, of course! 
So I transformed my office into a bedroom for her. They arrived today and are fast asleep in their fresh and fluffy beds! You can see the update in my mom's bedroom here (yes, I painted that bed!).  
Maria's bed!

My husband could not cut the wall to get a sample of the paint to have it matched. SO I had to wing it... and I was OFF, LOL! This morning I made a flower out of music sheet paper and put on top of the "boo-boo" you see by the mirror. I am going to make two more flowers and take a picture to show you.

As soon as I saw this bed, I fell in love...
I will have to keep it... ( I took this picture before washing the bedding sheets, so they are all wrinkled)
When my mom saw this mirror, she said: isn't that MY MIRROR... (that's WHY I PAINTED HER BED, I knew she would be jealous, LOL!) I said, NO, that's not your mirror...
Adorable bedding sheets... 
 I had to keep the printer and the computer there.
 On the left is the cabinet I keep all my office stuff!
Unfortunately I will have to take this dresser out 
and replace it with my desk. But I love this dresser, too!
Gerbera Daisies and a candle...
 A little gift box with soap, socks and a hand cream...
The milk glass is to keep her jewellery...
She already unpacked and put jewellery in it!
I normally keep ALL my purses on this hanger! 
I cleaned up for Maria!
She got beautiful new towels. More on the stool later...
And here is the bed again!!! 
Don't you want to be my guest, too??
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Sunday 10 June 2012

Unusual Garden Planters

Dear friends!!!
On the "quest" to make the house ready for my mom, 

I had to plant some flowers around...
I am NOT a gardener, but one of my best friends, 
Ingrid, IS!!!!
SO, on Friday she came over and off to the garden center 

we went!!!
Ladies. I need to make a parentheses here just to let you know my head is SPINNING 
from my first upholstery job 
(on my own). The compressor hose BROKE and scared the hell out of me!!! It was already more than 9pm and David said: "you are done." LOL!! And he gave me some candy and told me to sit down! So here I am!!!
Ok, back to the flowers!
I am just going to show you! I am sure you are also tired and just want some eye candy!!!

Pickle Jars made in Canada! Loved them!
We planted Dahlias and Lavender and the other yellow flower that looks like a daisy in each one. 

It took me a while to get bark mulch in both sides of the front yard. Now it looks too brown... So we are working on brightening up, but I don't want to plant a bunch of bushes, because that's how it was before...

These are in the back. Basically there is a square of gravel and one post on each side. There is grass on either side of the gravel.
Back to the front door(remember those 2 little plants on the floor):

Picked those 2 kettles in a garage sale. 
Ingrid tried to take that Fern out 
but couldn't, so we just left it alone.
We tried to plant a Fairy Garden since I saw many of them in Blogland recently!

And remember those little plants on the floor?
 I was inspired but Sherry from The Charm of Home. 
She planted a pansy in a creamer in Spring, and I fell in love!

I think this succulent is a little "unruly" LOL!
I liked the grass in the creamer better!

I hope you have fun with unusual containers this Summer!

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