Thursday 7 June 2012

Antique Bed and Dresser

Oh My God, ladies... 
(I am not aware of any male reader, hehe!)
This decoration business is not for sissies!!!!
My body is SORE from so much moving things around!!!

I am preparing for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market in June, so my house is FULL.
AFTER I decorated my guest room for my mom's arrival, 
I found this beautiful bed and dresser I could not pass. 
This beautiful set belonged to the gentleman's aunt. It was passed on to him. He said it should be from the 30's or older.
This was before:
So, since I had already finished the bedroom, I thought I would "store" the "new" antique set until my mom
had left. She had already seen pictures of her room in the blog, so she is expecting her pink mirror...
But this is what she is getting instead:
I run out of space to put it. 
This is so heavy, we even tried to put it in the office
(I am turning the office into another guest room 
for our friend Maria to stay)
but the mirror covered the window, LOL!!!!
See the little rubber thingys under its feet?? 
My friend Kika told me to buy the, at Rona!
So I could actually SLIDE this heavy baby from the office back to the guest room without much effort!
I did not know about it... duh. Sometimes I put a rug under furniture to slide it somewhere. 
But this is much better!My son and husband had to lift it so I could put it there. SO I did not want to bother them tonight to take it out. I will ask on Saturday. 
Poor guys are also tired of moving stuff around. 
I love the detail... I think I should NOT paint it... 
My mom will like that she will have plenty of room 
to put her clothes!
The bed is a little scratched. So I want to paint it white... 
Do you think it is OK to paint the bed but 
leave the dresser as is?
The paint will hide the beautiful details...
It would be nice with more white pillows but these pillows have photos of my son, my brother and my niece, so I thought it would be fitting to have it in my mom's bed. The flowers on the wall need to be re-arranged closer to the headboard, since the Ikea bed was taller.
I put the pillows down so you could have a better view of the headboard.
I think it would look gorgeous in ASCP Old White...

Since the furniture in this room was much LIGHTER, I could actually store it with no problems!

I have a friend that wants the Ikea bed. The table I painted and also the pink mirror will be for sale at 

I am showing off my "new" antique room at:

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  1. What a beautiful set of furniture - I'm jealous - painted or left as is - gorgeous either way
    ( but I would paint them - I'm a paintaholic )
    And I'm a fellow Canadian ( Montreal )
    Your newest follower - would love to have you follow back!

    1. Welcome, Suzy!!!
      I am so glad you think I should paint it!
      I think white or even light grey would really make this is space brighter!
      My mom is coming this Thursday and I am painting a bed for our friend to stay so this bed will have to wait...
      Thank you so much for coming over and following me!
      Yes, I will come and visit (and follow) you soon!

  2. What an amazing find. That furniture is a treasure. I use those slide-y things too . . . sure is better on the back. Have a great visit with your Mom. Connie :)

    1. Hi, Connie!!!
      I fell in love, too!! So much that I "dismantled" my mom's room... Now I am afraid she will be disappointed!!
      I am seriously thinking about hanging her pink mirror above the bed, and also paint the bed in the next few days!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!

  3. LOVE LOVE the dresser . Cant wait to see it in person . talk to soon Kelley

    1. Thank you, Kelley!!!
      We need to talk!!!
      I will be home all day today!!!
      HUGS galore!

  4. Oh what a beautiful set! And yes, I think it's perfectly okay to paint the bed and not the dresser. I think paint really enhanses the details and I don't need everything to match in a room. Either way, a wonderful treasure!

    1. Yaaay, Sharon!!! Thank you so much for your opinion!!! It makes me more confident to do just that!
      I really hope I can paint this bed in the next few days!!!
      Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hello Claudine, Thank you so much for the lovely compliment on our photo. Even more, thank you for visiting Steve's bog and for following. He has not had time to get on the web today, but he is going to be so excited. We have had a great weekend with family from out of town visiting, but you just put the cherry on the top of our Sunday. You're a sweetie pie! Connie :)

    1. Oh, Connie!!!! YOU are the sweetie pie! Thank you so much!
      I am touched!!!
      All I did was to appreciate your beautiful photo and Steve's blog!!! Now, my husband is having back problems so he was seating in front of me in a chair instead of on the couch beside me. I told him to GET UP to see Steve's rocking bike, that was unbelievable, what he made! So my husband came and I showed him the picture of your granddaughter on the bike!!! We both laughed out loud at the same time! She looks like she was having SO MUCH FUN!!! I even pinned the photo. I am new at Pinterest but had to record that picture.
      You guys are amazing, it warms my heart just to read your posts... Hugs, Claudine

  6. darling bed and dresser, claudine! i think it would be fine to paint the bed and leave the dresser--have a great time at your show:)

    1. Hi, Lynn!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!!!
      I am really happy you also think it is ok to paint the bed and leave the dresser! My plan is to paint that bed in the next few days!! I will keep you posted!

  7. I came over to see if you were working and here you are running around like a rabid rabbit trying to fit everything into your schedule. I read through your posts. I am so glad your first show went well - your items were beautifully displayed. Yes, I think some ornate tags would enhance sales. As for "loving" everything you buy - remember you can rotate it through your house, and then it can go live with someone else. Also, do not second guess yourself about whether to paint or not paint. I have become a follower on GFC and Linky!

    1. Awwww, Donna! Thank you so much for following me and taking the time to get to know me better!
      I appreciate your suggestions!!! Oh, it was hard to find the right way to display those items, LOL! I guess it will always be, since each space is different and I will have to adapt!
      Regarding the tags, YES, I will have to learn how make them! In the winter, perhaps? Oh, and about loving everything: YES, I feel like an used car sales man... HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! You know, every time a better deals comes a long I sell my car and buy a new (used) one??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, you are the third person that says GO FOR IT!!! So it shall be PAINTED!!! See you soon in blogland! Cheers,

  8. I saw that you ended up painting the bed (your link at Savvy Southern Style) but please, do not ever paint the dresser. That wood is just too beautiful to cover with paint! Do not refinish the dresser either. Hold on to it and keep it as a new family future heirloom. In 200 years that dresser is going to be worth a fortune. Just think about what the English did with their gorgeous Queen Anne style furnishings at the end of the 18th century when the ugly "Egyptian" style became all the rage during the Regency period. They tossed out priceless irreplaceable one of a kind furnishings for basically, crap, just like we're doing today. Do not paint, do not refinish. If it's real wood with veneer finishes and from the 1930's, hold on to it. I'm sure no expert, but I have learned a lot just from watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS. Okay, end of lecture, sorry. The bed and the dresser really make that guest room incredibly beautiful and just delicious!

    1. Dear Jan!
      I appreciate your comment!!! The other day I was thinking exactly that, that in 50 years people are going to think we are really stupid for painting antiques, LOL!!!
      I a actually REALLY AFRAID to paint old stuff! I painted the bed because it was really "banged up". It was scratched and not even shinny anymore. And no, I have no plans to paint or refinish the dresser, it is in really good shape. They used to cover the top, so it is shinny.
      I will cherish for year to come. You made me feel better about NOT painting some beautiful pieces I have! Please check my post about the Parlour Chest and let me know what you think!Thank you so much for coming over!

  9. Great article! Well-written and nicely presented. Thanks for sharing, I found it valuable.

    1. Well, THANK YOU! I am flattered by your comment!

  10. I think you should make your furniture much more decorative by placing some antique furniture all around your bedroom. All kinds of furniture should be attractive so to have a good look. Thanks for share such kind of beautiful post.
    Vogue living

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I am afraid I have run out of space for more furniture..
      That room has 3 dressers, lol.