Tuesday 5 June 2012

Parlour Chest!!!!

Hi, everyone!!
Between my son's graduation, preparing for The Vintage Market and my mom's arrival next week, things have been quite busy here. I am sore from moving furniture, LOL!

I just wanted to show you my latest finds!!! 
I got this "red box" from the same lady that sold me the Lamp Post! She did not know quite how to call it.
I fell in love...
But did not like the Asian painting on it...
I was ready to do my "thang", paint WHITE and DISTRESS it, when my friend Pam said: NOOOOO!!! Leave it alone!!!
This is three million years old (my words, not hers, LOL)!!!
SO, this will be up for grabs at The Vintage Market!!! 
Since I am not a fan of red (for my house)!

Now, "The Secret" must have happened (you know, "like" attracts "like" because last night I found another one!!!!!
YEEEESSS!!!! And the lady called it "Parlour Chest"!!!
She said it was used to carry magazines!!!
So here is my new treasure!!!

Isn't it adorable???
I wish I could use it as a mail box in front of the house, but somebody might steal it!
I am keeping this beauty!!! The sweet lady told me it belonged to her aunt, "and she would be happy for you to have it"... Awww... poor lady barely got a word in because I talked non-stop!!! I think I made her dizzy!!! 

She also had a box of books she was giving away and she asked me if I wanted any. I spotted this Etiquette book and asked if she was giving that one away, too! She said yes!
She said it was a famous book, by Emily Post! 

I said I recognised the name! So there! 

I need 2 more to make a bundle, now! And put on a table, like Miss Mustard Seed! I normally don't look at books at thrift stores, but I might, now! But this one has a special meaning, because she gave me!

Ok, this was my morning adventure!!!
In the afternoon I met a guy that rents medieval furniture and utensils for the movie industry, another load of fun!!!
But I will post about the afternoon treasures another day!!!

I just cannot believe how many WONDERFUL people I am meeting because of this blog, and the start of my business! I was always impressed by people's generosity (as a fundraiser), but I am shocked by the amount of amazing people I am meeting (virtually and in person)!!!

God bless you all!!!

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  1. I can hardly wait to see your re-dos on these. Isn't it funny how you found two, one right after the other. Have fun with these projects.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi, Connie!!!
      So you think I should paint???
      I really want to paint them WHITE, LOL!
      I love white!!
      I was thinking of you the other day... trying to organize
      my supplies in the laundry... I remembered you craft room!

  2. Looks like you're having fun :-) I recently acquired one of those chests, too, and you're right, it would make a great mailbox!

    1. Hi, Cynthia!!! Thank you for coming over!!
      Really??? What did you do with it?? I want to paint mine SO BAD!!! But if you think it could be a mail box... should I??? Just screw it on the slate outside my door?? Oh, the dilemma!!!! Isn't wonderful how we get so preoccupied with our stuff? It takes our mind off bigger things like war or world hunger, LOL!!!

  3. That's so cool! Love the chests, and how cool to find such vintage book! That's awesome! Can't wait to hear about the vintage market. Blessings ~ Vanessa

    1. Thank you, Vanessa!!!
      I wish you were here!!! you would tell me to PAINT IT!!!
      I love your stuff, such and "ethereal" look you give to your furniture...
      I am so scared of ruining antiques so I have a bunch of brown stuff!!! I will have a BROWN booth at the Market, LOL!
      No, the red box will be there!
      Thank you so much for coming over!

    2. Forgot to say Blessings to you too, querida!

  4. Hi Claudine!
    I used to have one of those, too. It is actually a sewing chest and was used to hold a lady's sewing materials - thread, fabric, needles, maybe some needlework or knitting she was working on, too. It is from the era 1900-1940's. I did use mine to hold magazines but that is not the real purpose.

    1. Welcome, Sharon!!!
      That's what the lady that sold me the red one said, she thought it was for keeping your knitting stuff!Thank you for letting me know! It makes sense, since it hides the mess; I remember having a bag with needles sticking out - not so pretty!
      I appreciate you coming over and commenting!

  5. Oops! Forgot to sign my name. I'm Sharon.

  6. This would make a great mailbox. I wonder if there's a way you could nail it down or secure it so it wouldn't get stolen? Love the old book!

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Yes, me too!!! If I put outside I think I should leave it just like that (not paint)!
      Yes, I am imagining how to secure it. I can screw it to the ground, the only problem is I will have to make wholes in the slate (or tiles, I don't know what they are) outside my door.
      But I checked the little feet and it would fit a screw in them. Another option would be to screw it to something heavy, another stone or thicker tile that makes it not really desirable (to carry). I live in a nice neighbourhood, so it would be unlikely to happen but I don't want to risk it!!! Thank you for encouraging me to do it, LOL! I am sucha a chicken!

  7. They are both beautiful pieces, Claudine! I have never seen that type of thing before. The red one is gorgeous; I'm not big on Asian pieces myself, but I'm sure you'll find a buyer.

    visiting from WUW : )

    1. Thank you for coming over, Cathy!
      Yes, this morning my son told me he liked what I did with the red one, lol! So some people are more attracted to the red than to the other one! They are lovely form being so unique, I think! I am really leaning toward using mine as a mail box!
      I will come and visit you soon!