Thursday 14 June 2012

Maria's Bedroom

Dear friends, 
My mom came from Brazil and brought our dear friend, Maria, with her. Maria knows my son since he was a baby and she also came to see his High School Graduation. Such a special guest deserved her very own bedroom, of course! 
So I transformed my office into a bedroom for her. They arrived today and are fast asleep in their fresh and fluffy beds! You can see the update in my mom's bedroom here (yes, I painted that bed!).  
Maria's bed!

My husband could not cut the wall to get a sample of the paint to have it matched. SO I had to wing it... and I was OFF, LOL! This morning I made a flower out of music sheet paper and put on top of the "boo-boo" you see by the mirror. I am going to make two more flowers and take a picture to show you.

As soon as I saw this bed, I fell in love...
I will have to keep it... ( I took this picture before washing the bedding sheets, so they are all wrinkled)
When my mom saw this mirror, she said: isn't that MY MIRROR... (that's WHY I PAINTED HER BED, I knew she would be jealous, LOL!) I said, NO, that's not your mirror...
Adorable bedding sheets... 
 I had to keep the printer and the computer there.
 On the left is the cabinet I keep all my office stuff!
Unfortunately I will have to take this dresser out 
and replace it with my desk. But I love this dresser, too!
Gerbera Daisies and a candle...
 A little gift box with soap, socks and a hand cream...
The milk glass is to keep her jewellery...
She already unpacked and put jewellery in it!
I normally keep ALL my purses on this hanger! 
I cleaned up for Maria!
She got beautiful new towels. More on the stool later...
And here is the bed again!!! 
Don't you want to be my guest, too??
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  1. I would LOVE to be your guest!!! I am sure you pamper like the hilton! maybe I should come escape to your place when I need a little getaway from the realities of home! :)


    1. Awwww, you are too sweet!!!!
      Come on over!!!!

  2. What a wonderful retreat for your Mom & her friend Maria . Enjoy the time with your guests in your lovely home . Kelley

    1. Hi, Kelley!!!
      Thank you!!!! You need to come over!!!
      We will have some time to go treasure hunting in July, right?
      Can't wait!

  3. Claudine, what a sweet hostess you are! You have made something so fresh and comfortable out of your office. The white bed is perfect. I love it painted so much more than when it was plain wood. It's got such beautiful curves. You thought of everything for Maria! I love the goodies you left. You even thought of socks! How sweet. I would be happy to be your guest! Thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas and leaving me your encouraging words. That's how I found you. I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come by and visit often!

    1. Hi, Liz!!!
      So nice of you to come visit and follow me!!!
      I am also following you,now!
      I will put you on y blog roll so I see your posts updates!
      Yes, I am really thoughtful - I stress a bit trying to please!She loved her room, so mission accomplished!
      I loved that bed so much I will keep it there... as a day bed??? LOL! I can already imagine full of fluffy pillows...

  4. Hi Claudine....I really love what you did with your guest's room and see the finished look on the bed, I remember I saw it when you were just starting to paint it, it turned out fabulous!....I also love the dresser, just the way it is, but I suppose it would look beautiful if you paint it as well, what do you plan on doing with it? the way I would like to follow you as well on your blog, where do I do that?....Rosa Amelia (from Peru).

    1. Hi, Rosa! Yes, you saw this bed when you came over!
      I love the bed. I a not sure what to do with this dresser, I love it the way it is...
      To follow my blog look on the right of the screen. Scroll down. You will see the pictures of people, you can follow me there as Anonymous or you can also follow me by email. Just scroll a little bit more and there is an option to put your email address. Then every time I write a post it will come to you! Internet wonders!Thank you so much for comming over and commenting! The Vintage Fair is this Saturday!!!!

  5. What a wonderful host you are Claudine, everything looked so inviting and I loved the special little touches you added, like the gifts and flowers on the walls!

    1. Thank you, Tracey!!! I TRY!!! LOL!
      Did you see the boo0boo on the wall??? I wanted to buy Janis flowers to put there and FORGOT rushing to get out of the market in the rain!
      I made only ONE flower to put there and it needs at least another 2. It will be done... soon...
      Thank you so much for commenting!

  6. The bed ad bedding is indeed adorable!

    1. Thank you, Aubrey!!!
      I bought the bedding sheets at Home Sense for $20!!!
      The duvet cover I bought at Ikea for $35, I think?
      My mom and Maria just left today... The house is so empty...
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!