Sunday 28 October 2012

Milk Glass

Dear friends!

I have been working hard on building my new website and my business!
My hope is by the New Year to have all of you reading my blog on

I now have a Facebook page for ReStory, also!

I will be duplicating posts for now so you can follow me in both blogs!

Just thought I would share my Milk Glass collection!
My friend Pam gave me this beautiful cake plate last week, which inspired me to bring a few pieces to my dinning table.

I made a cake this afternoon but something went wrong... So tomorrow I am trying again! I need a cake for my new cake plate!

Sunday 14 October 2012

Chair for Charity Event!

Dear friends!

I am excited to participate in a fundraiser that my ASCP supplier is organizing, to help the Langley Christmas Bureau.

They asked participants to restore a chair and donate so they can auction at their event on October 25th.

Here are some photos of my chair!
I love it...
I actually did not want to send them this picture, in hope that I would find another chair to donate, LOL!
I have plans for her... Actually, it looks more like a him, don't you think?? He looks like a serious chair!

An here it is Mr. Chair all done up!
He will be auctioned at The Passionate Home event 
this Thursday!

Monday 1 October 2012

Rocking Elephant!!!

Dear friends,

I miss you terribly!
But instead of blabbing about WHY I haven't posted recently,
I am going to show you my latest project!

My husband's family is in town and we have a 2-year old grandaughter.
I could not resist when I saw this wooden rocking elephant on Craigslist!!!
My friend Jeff gave him new rocking legs!!!

Can you see "KAMRON" written above the tail?
Awwww... I wonder where is Kamron now!

Since I was painting it put in a little girls room, I gave it a coat of ASCP Paris Gray...
Then a coat of ASCP Antoinette...
Then I distressed quite a bit, because I wanted the grey to show underneath. and I gave it a coat of Cece Caldwell Satin Finish.
Asha LOVED IT! She jumped right on it when she saw it! 
I will try to get a picture of her on it to show you!
Yesterday she noticed the elephant had a boo-boo...
The nose is broken! I just noticed this after I had bought it.
And here is what she did:
Can you se the Band-Aid??? LOL!!!
She is adorable!!!
I was thinking of repairing it, but it looks great with the Band-Aid, don't you think?
I will be writing more posts SOON!
Hugs galore to all my readers!
I am bringing this Pink Elephant to party at:

Furniture Feature Fridays