Monday 25 June 2012

My first Vintage Market!

Dear friends!!!
I am overjoyed (is that tacky???) with so many people reading my blog, THANK YOU!!!
My blog just completed 4 months yesterday, and I OWE you a condensed milk recipe!!!

Saturday I participated in my FIRST Vintage Market! 
The Olde Famhouse Vintage Market was a success!!!
I thought that table and the body form would go for sure, but they didn't! The chalkboard sold! My silver tea set had lots of interest, but I am thinking people are not so crazy about silver... I am alone in this one, LOL!
I sold a few items showing here: white jug on top, vintage little pitcher on second shelf, milk glass on the bottom of bookcase; Also sold the pink leather chairs. They were SO COMFY! One had a rip, and I was supposed to re-upholster it... but... NO.
I sold the pink ice cream bowls, the stainless steel coffee pot and the silver candle holders.
I sold this BEAUTIFUL carpenter box and the white candle holder. The lady bargained on the candle holder, and I sold for $20, only to realise later that I PAID $20 AND PAINTED IT!!!
Please, tell me you did this once, too!!!
The trunk and bread box were gone too, and so were the blue candle holders on top of the bread box. The red Parlour Chest did not move! I am this close to painting it white!!!
My friend Kelley, The Upholster's Wife, invited me to share a booth with her. Look at her stuff! 
I bought the blue little magazine rack in front of the yellow table...
Adorable pieces painted and picked by The Upholster's Wife...
I felt my part was kind of empty, and also I missed something in the background, like curtains and a banner! Next time!
I also wanted to share with you my 
This is a BUG SPRAYER, from back then. I have no idea how old it is. Made in England.
I bought it a long time ago because it reminded me of my Grandma. Since now I am starting this business, selling antiques, I thought it would be a cool thing to bring to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. I priced it $40, I have no idea how much I paid, it was years ago. Maybe it was overpriced? Nobody bought it. But we had lots of fun talking about it! Some people did not know what it was, and some people could SMELL the DDT just looking at it, LOL!!!!

I had an amazing time at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. Leah and Barb, the organisers, were wonderful. The vendors were so kind and had awesome stuff! I also met some fellow bloggers like Kathryn from Ugly Duckling Transformations and Tracey from Raggy Girl Vintage! And of course, we had amazing customers, people that came from far to see us! Put that together with a few friends and family... SUCCESS!!!

We are looking forward to next year's Market!


  1. What fun this sound like!!!
    Would have love to have been there

    1. Awww, thank you, Suzan!!!
      I just felt my booth was EMPTY compared to the other vendors, but hey! Something to work on, LOL!
      I appreciate you coming over!

  2. Wow! That's awesome! I'm so excited for you!! You had so many pretty things, I'm sure who ever didn't get what they think they should have, probably regret not getting it by now. Have a great week! Blessings ~ Vanessa

    1. THANK YOU, Vanessa!!! I think people regret not buying the tea set... it was a "steal" at $85... I saw one yesterday at an Antique shop for $259!!!! OUCH!
      Thank you so much for dropping by!!!
      Blessings to you, too!!!

  3. My DH brought me to the Vintage Market as a birthday gift. It really was a great one. We came in the afternoon, I heard that it had been really busy in the morning. I thought everything was wonderful. Good for you on your first Market.

    1. Welcome, Lady Pamela!!!
      I just went to your blog and became a follower!!! I loved it!
      Yes, the Market was busier in the morning, I think! Lots of people came over early, about 9am!
      What and original Birthday present, I am so glad you enjoyed!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!!!

  4. Claudine
    Thank you so much for including the UPholsters wife in your blog . I loved being apart of the vintage market with you We had so much fun and I enjoyed meeting your family and friends on Saturday .
    This is just the start - so start painting !!! LOL .
    Hugs Kelley

    1. Dear Kelley! You are the reason I was there!!!
      I think your pieces are AMAZING, seriously. I don't understand HOW you find time to do all you do!!!
      I am going to start painting only after My mom and Maria go back to Brazil... next week. I feel so guilty already taking some time off to go to garage sales and the painting workshop with Kristy. Thank you again for all the info you share. You are very generous. Hugs,

  5. Glad to hear your sale was a success! I would've bought that carpenter's box. Love it!!

    1. Awww, thank you, Jennifer!!!!
      I KNOW, I thought that was one of my BEST ITEMS!!!
      I wanted to keep it, LOL!!!
      DOn't we want to keep it all???
      Thanks for coming over!!!

  6. Claudine
    I am so glad that this event went well for you - I was pulling for you. I cannot believe no one bought the dress form, mine sell the day I put them in my booth. I still love the red sewing chest.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    P.S. Yes, I have sold something too low by mistake. Everyone has whether they admit it or not!

    1. Donnaaaaaa!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THANK YOU!!! You are so funny, I appreciate your honesty!!!
      You know, I put the body form for sale at $65. Maybe was overpriced? Nobody seemed interested in it, actually! It surprised me! I LOVE IT. If I have it around in the next party I will dress it up and put a note to all my guests: YOU ARE AMAZING! I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!! Or something like that! h, here is a funny story: When I bought it, I actually wrote a note to my husband saying: YOU ARE WONDERFUL, DAVID!
      Then he left it in front of the house (that's where I had it) and his friend, also called DAVID, came over and asked: IS THIS FOR ME??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      Hugs and thank you so much for thinking of me!

  7. I love attending vintage markets. I saw some great stuff that I probably would have grabbed like that parlor chest! I'm surprised that it didn't move! It sounds like you had a great time:)

    1. Thank you, Maysem! Yes, I had lots of fun! I am participating in one in JULY, I should add to my blog, so locals can come and visit me.
      I know, I love the parlour chest! I am dying to paint it white, though... I think perhaps was too expensive??
      I was selling for $80. It was not cheap for me, so I can't just charge what I paid, right? I think I buy my stuff too expensive, I am working on that.
      Thank you so much for coming over!!

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  9. Such cute stuff!! Congratulations on four months blogging. Don't you love it?
    Let's Add Sprinkles

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, Katie!
      Yes, I love it!!!
      I feel I am at fault with my readers becuase I have not had the time to write a post, I am working on it!

  10. so much fun! I am a sliver person myself, have had to learn some as to not overpay for it. I don't have any of real value but I love it all the same!

    1. Hi, Shannon!
      So it is you and me, LOL!
      You know, here in London the silver is expensive!
      I don't know if it is because people know the real value of the pieces, or if it is because it is real silver (not plated??.
      Anyway, it made me think in Canada we really don't value silver as much. We need to pay attention to the markings as well. you can google "silver markings". Also unfortunately the older generations are passing away and the younger generations don't have the space to keep everything from their grandmothers... Let's keep our eyes peeled! Thank you so much for visiting, I appreciate it!

  11. This is such fantastic news. Congratulations on your new business. I loved the model. I have been wanting one for so long. I would have bought that for sure.

    1. Dear Carolyn!!!
      Thank you!!! I am struggling with the whole social media part of it. I am changing the name to ReStory Furnishings, so new blog, website, facebook page... yyyacckks!
      I will notify all my followers abou tthe change as soon as I have everything in place!
      Thank you so much for coming over! Yes, I don't understand how the body form did not sell!