Friday 24 February 2012

Condensed Love

Dear friends,

Once I had a few friends home for dinner, and my friend Justine kept asking me what was in this dessert I made... I kept telling her it was "looove" and finally I said: "looove and CONDENSED MILK"!! And she said: it is "Condensed Love"...
I am from Brazil, and I say we put condensed milk in everything, lol!

So here it is my recipe for what I call "Peachy Dessert"!

Peachy Dessert

2 cans of condensed milk
2 cans of milk (use the cond. milk can to measure it)
2 heaping tbsp of corn starch dissolved in 1/2 can of milk
2 cans of carnation thick cream
2 cans of peaches in light syrup
Maria biscuits or any tea biscuit will do (I use about two rows, not sure how many grams is that)

It is super easy!!!
Heat the condensed milk dissolved with milk in a sauce pan.

When it is starting to boil, stir in the corn starch dissolved with milk.
It should start thickening right the way. It should have the consistency of pudding.
Set aside.

Separate the peaches syrup from the peaches, and dip the biscuits in the syrup.
In a dish ( I use a rectangular dish, like the one I use for lasagna), start placing the
biscuits side by side. Pour half of the condensed milk cream on it. 
Put a layer of chopped peaches (I use about 2/3 of the peaches because inside the layers they keep fresher than on top). 
Put another layer of biscuits.
Add the 2 cans of thick cream (make sure you discard that water that forms in the can - I don't know the English word for it) to the remaining condensed milk custard. Pour over the biscuits; add the rest of the peaches. 
Refrigerate for about 2 hours!

And yes, you can change the fruit, but I would not use fresh fruit except for berries in the summer. I have never tried with other fruits, by the way.

I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. You did it!!! Youstarted a blog! Congratlations!! It looks great so far and I love your blue table too! I'm your first official follower! Hope to see you soon!
    PS I hope you don't mind a suggestin - but I think you should make your pics a bit bigger.

  2. YYYYaaaayyyy, Elisa!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being my first follower!!! You gave me the last push I needed to get started!!!
    I don't mind you making suggestions, suggest away!!! I will try to make the pics bigger, first I need to figure out how!! LOL!

  3. Dine, obrigada por dividir esta receita COMPLETA. O Brian adora, e eu so fazia o de bolacha esmagada, triturada, hahah Ele sempre dizia que era muito RICH, e do teu ele gosta, bjos

  4. OOOBBBBAAAAA!!! Obrigada por follow me!!!!
    I can come to your house and make it there!!!
    Beijos mil!!!