Saturday 7 April 2012

Baked French Toast!!!

Hi, everyone! 

I am  SO HAPPY to know that THERE ARE people reading my blog, yaaaayyyy!!!!

I HAD to share with you this wonderful recipe I found at Dwell on Joy blog! I prepared it last night, and baked it this morning, since my son will not be home for breakfast tomorrow.

I followed Sarah's recipe exactly, the only thing I changed was the bread. My husband bought white French bread instead.

Sarah mentioned she had bread left over so I cut mine in thick slices and squeezed them in the Pyrex. I just left the tips out. Everything else was exactly the same!

Here is the result...

Doesn't it look awesome???
I was surprised, myself!!! 

We were also surprised that was not too sweet...
It was PERFECT!!!

My husband cooked some bacon...
I cut some strawberries...

I sprinkled some sugar with cinnamon in mine!!!

Now we need to invite people over for brunch!!!
This was so easy because I prepared it the night before!
Make sure you grab the recipe at Dwell on Joy!

Happy Easter!!!


  1. So fun to see you made this! I'm about to make another batch for Easter Brunch tomorrow...good thing it's SO simple to make! Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Sarah!!!
      Yes, we all loved it here!
      And also was not as sweet as we expected!
      It was just the right amount of sweetness...
      It will be a success tomorrow at your mom's brunch!

  2. It looks delish! I like the idea of baking it...seems like it'd be much easier.

    1. Hi, Erin!!!
      Yes, try it! So great to make the mess the day before...
      And the bread soaks all the milk and eggs, so when you bake it for 40 min it gets toasty on top, and we put upside down
      on the plate, the caramel tastes like a sticky bread pudding... so yummy!
      This time we put our dog in the kennel while eating, hahahaha!!
      Happy Easter!!!

  3. This looks delicious, Claudine. I am definitely going to save this for when I am off my low carb diet.

    1. Hi, Laura!!!
      Yes, make it for the grandchildren!!!
      I only ate one... and a half... lol!
      Thank you for coming over!!!
      Hugs back!

  4. Well done you. Easy and delicious. What's not to love and it is so great to have recipes like that in your armoury for entertaining so you can be with your guests and not in the kitchen all day.

    As for my posts not showing up in your dash, my GFC is broken and hasn't worked for 6 weeks. You can follow on Face Book or Twitter or subscribe by email. All in my side bar. It's very frustrating I know.

    Have a wonderful Easter
    Carolyn xx

    1. Hi, Carolyn!!!
      I know, I read it on your blog, grrr...
      Very frustrating!!!
      I only know how to follow people with the Friends connect
      or by email, lol!
      But I am setting up a page on my Facebook for CondensedLoveHome
      so I will like you there, too!!!
      You are on my list, I just have to go to the bottom, sometimes I don't make the whole list, it is getting bigger and bigger! I am so glad you like this recipe it is as delicious as it looks!!!
      Thank you for coming over!
      Happy Easter!

  5. Thank you, Jill!!!
    One of my goals is to start taking pictures with my camera instead of my phone...
    But these pictures looked good!
    Oh, and the French toast... you have to make it!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!!
      And SO EASY to make!!!
      Thanks for coming over!

  7. I love breakfasts. And I am a fan of French toast. I think this is my favorite among the recipes here :)

    1. Lea, this is so simple to make because we can make it in advance! It looks amazing and it tastes delicious!!!! I got a sugar high after I had it, LOL!!!!
      Thanks again for visiting my blog, I appreciate it!

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