Tuesday 3 April 2012

Irresistible Lemon and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Temptation!!!!

The other day I found these beautiful Lemon and White Chocolate Chip Cookies that Erin, from My Very Educated Mother made. They looked delicious and I decided to try!!!

So yesterday, I made them right before dinner.

I set the table (for ONE) so I could have ONE cookie and ONE cup of tea and then go on to make dinner. 

Note the cookie plate... And the little tablecloth...

All vintage items I bought from a sweet lady here in my city. They belonged to her mother. 
I can feel the love in her well-worn things.

As I turned to get a tea cup in the kitchen, my 5-month old puppy, Axel, went on a chair and ATE A COOKIE!!! That had NEVER happened BEFORE!!!

I said Tea and Cookies for ONE!!! (I guess he thinks HE is the ONE???)

So my photo session ended since it was getting dark and I wanted natural light for my set up... And I was literally FIGHTING with Axel over these cookies... Sorry for the blurry photos of him, but I had to show you!

And now you know how IRRESISTIBLE Erin's Cookies are, because Axel never jumped on the table for anything, not even STEAK!

I took a last shot of them safe on top of the stove! The recipe yields twice as that!

And the house smells like lemon... Yuuuumm!!!


  1. That's too funny! I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies...I think your's look better than mine!

    1. I am so glad you came to visit, Erin!!!
      I just had a couple... with tea!!!
      Dinner is cooking but I could not resist them!!!
      Everybody here enjoyed them, as you saw...

  2. Everything with white chocolate - I grab immediately - I just love it!
    And the combination with lemon - is wonderful
    We definitely have similar taste :)

    1. Hi, Winnie!!!
      These cookies are GREAT!!! It was my first time trying them, I copied form a blogger, and I was so happy they turned out beautiful!!
      Thanks for coming back to my blog!!