Friday 30 March 2012

Painted Chairs!

I have had these chairs for a while. I bought them as a pair, to put in my living room by a window...
The problem was that I ALREADY had something there! A chase longue (my husband said that's the correct spelling). Beautiful, comfortable... but too big for the space.
So finally, after keeping the chairs in other rooms for a while, they were painted TODAY!!!
And the chase longue advertised on Craigslist!!!

My friend Christine came to watch me paint, and helped me also! Nobody escapes, HAHAHA!
So we chatted and drank tea and painted away!!!

In the evening I actually found the energy (NOT - but I had to finish) to paint the other one.

Tomorrow, at daylight, I will show both of them side by side, probably with another table in the middle. I don't like to put "painted" with "painted". I am thinking I will make some changes here and bring an old but beautiful little table to place between the chairs.

Here they are!!!

First I painted it Aubusson Blue, from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Then I painted Old White. Distressed a bit.

 Distressed legs...

And arms...

The one on the left is a "before"!
I have been trying to make my house brighter, everything here is brown...

So pretty all dressed up!!!

Remember the blanket my friend brought from Portland?

And finally,  here is the pair with another table!

Don't you think this table matches better than the gray one?


  1. Your chairs turned out incredible. I just found your blog and I'm so glad that I did, because my favorite blogs are those that are about turning houses into homes. For me that means putting your love and your mark on your home and making it comfortable and charming. I'm looking forward to your future posts, your blog is wonderful.
    Your newest follower, Connie :)
    Come visit my humble blog. My welcome mat is always out, maybe you'll decide to follow me too.

  2. Dear Connie!!!!
    Awwww, your comment gave me goosebumps!!
    How I wish to inspire someone, somewhere... LOL!
    Yes, I am heading to your blog right now!!!

  3. I love the chairs - you did an aweome job! You are right I totally think the second table looks better. And I LOVE the blanket - that is sooo something I would buy! My favorite blanket in our whole house cost me $3.00 lol.
    Thanks for sharing!
    home sweet nest

    1. Thank you, Elisa!
      Yes, I loved the crochet blanket, something my grandma would make!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It's so beautiful this chair!!

    1. Thank you, Maria!!!
      I want to make this house brighter, I have been looking around and saw some tips in Perfect Imperfect blog. Little by little my house will brighten up!!
      Thanks for coming over!!!

  5. Those chairs look so much better now!
    You´ve done a great job!
    I really enjoy your blog and the desserts you make!

    1. Hi, Tatiana!
      I am so glad you liked it! I don't want to keep repeating the same finish over and over, you know? I am ready for something new... but I keep coming back to whites, grays... lol!
      I am so glad you enjoy my blog!
      I a going to be making some more stuff... maybe some cookies...
      Thank you for reading, I hope you come back!

  6. Hi Dine!
    Também achei que o conjunto com a mesa original combinou melhor!!! Vc é dez!!!Também vou te seguir... Mais! rsrsrs....

    1. Oi, querida!!!!
      Que maravilha que tu esta aqui!!!
      Hoje a noite vou escrever sobre umas cookies que fiz agora ha pouco... limao e chocolate branco... huuummmm!!!
      Leia amanha de manha!!!!

  7. Eu prefiro a segunda opcao. Mais original. bjs

    1. Oi, querida!!!
      Sim, eu tambem! Obrigada por estar sempre lendo!!!