Friday 2 March 2012

Cake decoration class...

Oh, my God...
Two weeks ago my friend Marilia and I went to The Passionate Home for an upholstery class (more details on that when I have pics of our completed projects) and we passed in front of a cake decoration supply store, Scoop n' Save, in Langley.
Marilia told me she had always wanted to take classes in cake decoration and I said: YES, LET'S DO IT!!!
I had no idea it would be SO DIFFICULT!!!! I am so tired I am not doing a full post right now, but I will post pictures tomorrow!!!  Marilia did pretty well, but let's just say I was not the "teacher's favourite"... LOL

Ok, it is the "day after" and here are the pictures I took with my phone! The captions  say it all...

We bought a bucket of ready-made Satin fondant. We kneaded it, like you would do to a bread dough.
We left to rest for 20 min and it should be COVERED with PLASTIC while resting... As my teacher pointed out, I was "busy talking" and DID NOT hear his instruction and that led to disaster at the end... We rolled it, working 1 - 2 inches at a time and turning it around (not upside down).

My friend Marilia took this picture. She said he made a point to learn her name properly so he could PICK ON HER, too, LOL!!! 

We covered a square Styrofoam instead of a cake. He said the cake will be easier to cover because the Styrofoam has sharp edges. Also note he covers the board  with the fondant. He said it looks bigger and he thinks it looks nicer like that. He also said it is harder to cover a square cake than a round one, that's why he was teaching us the square. 

Cracked corners...

"Claudine, you have to do it again"
I found it so funny him just taking my fondant out of my cake, all my hard work gone!!!! I really thought I would prove him wrong, I had the perfect rolled fondant!!!! Uh... no.

So I had to knead it again, roll it again and put on top of the cake again. Of course, the corners cracked again and Marilia helped me to smooth it out! At the end he showed us how to do a bow and some draping. I did not cry (the girl in front of me had to redo her as well and almost cried) but I was pretty disappointed! And I found so hilarious because it was REALLY DIFFICULT! No wonder people that sell these cakes charge so much!
Anyway, the teacher shouted to Marilia at the end: "Marilia, you are ready for the next course, Fondant Techniques!"
and looked at me and said under his breath: "You too, Claudine..."


  1. That is soooo funny. I would probably have mine end up on the floor and would get into real trouble for not paying attentions. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Thanks for finding my blog. I just signed on to follow yours. :)
    Laura from ImSoVintage

  2. Yyyaaaayyy, SOMEBODY is reading!!!!
    Thank you so much, Laura!!! I liked your signature, I will try to make mine like that (Laura from ImSoVintage)! Imagine, if it took me TWO hours to roll fondant and cover that tiny square... badly...
    How long I have to work to find all these blogging stuff!!!
    Thank you so much for following me!!!