Sunday 11 March 2012

Nightmare Kitchen Shelf

Hi, everyone!
I just thought I should update you in that stupid shelf... AAAHHHH!!!

So I had the nightmare with a brush and of course, after following YOUR advice yes, spray paint is much easier...
Finally I got some good weather and bout ONE can of spray paint.
Dragged that crappy shelf (LOL in a good mood, now) to the deck
and put on top of an old sheet. 
The ONE CAN of Krylon paint did not even scratch the surface!!! I swear, it did not even cover 1/4 of the shelf. But my face got huge "goggle marks" from this protective goggles I bought at the Loonie store.. oh,. the life of a DIYer... My husband asked what the hell where those marks on my face while we were having DINNER at Earl's patio that night!!!! So fashionable for a Friday night out!!!

The saga continues...
So next day I went to Rona and bought THREE spray paint cans, this time Rustoleum (since you guys also use that). OK. 
Finally yesterday dragged the shelf again, sheet, etc.
Sprayed until my arm hurt. Did it in sessions so it dried and I painted. EVERYTHING got sticky: My cell, my sun glasses (I did not want to wear the goggles again) my arms... the deck floor...

So without further ado, here is the shelf! At least the color is exactly what I wanted! I could not have done it with a brush so THANK YOU for your advice!!!
I am not happy with the results, but nobody will really get so close to notice what I notice... the paint is not even and there are some drips in some places. It is perfect for my space and now it blends in. We need the storage, before we were pilling bottles of water and crates of pop, etc. It looks much better now!

Here is the post as I started:

My Goodness... I thought I would have my new kitchen shelf READY to show off by now...
But it was horrible to paint!!! So, I primed... and my arm was BURNING, so I had to stop! And no, I don't have anything on my arm! No arthritis or anything like that! Must be old age... Anyway... my advice is DO NOT buy anything with "trelices" (don't know how to spell)! I tried but still it need another coat of prime... then I will paint an off-white color to match the kitchen wall. I just want it to be "subtle", not a "monster" shelf in my kitchen.
Here are the pictures...


And after 1st coat of primer...

LOL!!! I know!!! It looks horrible!!!


  1. Ok You silly girl - You NEVER paint trellis! My sister and her boyfriend actually broke up one time over this...not kidding! You SRAY paint it! Is it attached to the wall or can you take it outside? As if you haven't spray painted inside the house before anyway! lol
    Oh - and use Kilz primer - it covers WAY better! Let me know how it soon
    home sweet nest

    1. Oh, Elisa!!!THANK YOU!!!! I am so glad you stopped by to RESCUE ME!!!! Yes, I will try again, and yes,. I can take it outside, LOL!!! I APPRECIATE your help!!!!

  2. Hi Claudine
    Great job on the kitchen shelf. It's great quite unusual infact.

    Sorry the weather's not so good. Why is a Brazilian living in Canada I wonder. Gorgeous country, I've been skiing there. A Canadian husband perhaps. I can highly recommend the orange cake. The carrot cake in my baking series is great too if you need cheering up.

    I'm sending you warm thoughts from the Beaches in Australia and hoping that it warms up for you soon.

    1. Hi, Carolyn!!!
      I sent you a reply by email!
      But forgot to say I LOVE Canada!! I came here 16 years ago because it is a much safer place to raise a child than Brazil. We go back every year to see family and get warm, lol!!!
      I a making your Orange cake tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes!!! Thanks for the warmth wishes!!!

  3. I really don't wanna say anything unless I get your finishing. I am gonna bookmark your site and would love to listen from you more. I recently got some white furniture, please see here and I hope, if you can get the same of anyone then would be great finishing. Anyway, loved your attempt and good luck!

    1. Hi, Sherry!
      I finished this shelf, and made an ammend to the post.
      The first two pictures are of the finished shelf.
      It was a sticky project! I like it just because it blends well with the wall!
      thank you for reading!