Friday 16 March 2012

Chair makeovers!!!!

I have been meaning to finish a few projects to tell you about, but my friend Marilia beat me to it!!!
After taking ASCP painting workshop at The Passionate Home in Langley, I have been painting some furniture and telling my friends about it. So one day I saw this sad chair at Marilia's house and she said she wanted to re-upholster it. 

I said: The Passionate Home has a basic course in upholstery this month! Marilia said: I AM IN!!!
We had SO MUCH fun with Reid (our instructor) and Carrie (The Passionate Home owner) and all the other participants including Elisa from Home Sweet Nest
Marilia had two chairs and she bought burlap to cover the seats, one lighter than the other. They looked GREAT!!!!
And of course, we decided to paint them!  I went to her house "armed" with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint cans (mine are all whites and grays and blues) and we decided to paint this one in Old White first, then Paris Gray. Marilia did not want to distress. The next day, she applied clear wax. Doesn't it look great??? This one went to her daughter's bedroom which is now painted purple and pink. 

Marilia fell in love with an orange chair Carrie had in the store, so she planned to paint the chair for her entrance orange. 
Here is the chair before...

And after!!! She did this one all by herself!!!

I love it!!! 

I have shown two friends now how to paint with ASCP and they are shocked at how easy it is!!! I find so interesting that each person has a different "touch". The way my friends paint and distress is different from each other and different from my way to paint. That gives each piece of furniture  a totally unique look!
My friend Marilia is my partner in crime for many trips and projects; she was the one that wanted to take the cake decoration class and (GASP!!) we registered for the "next level", Fondant Techniques!!! I will tell you all about it after the class on March 26. Stay tuned!!! (if you want a laugh, read about our fondant adventure here)


  1. Dine,
    Not to mention that the "sad chairs" were ready for the trash.
    Thank you for sharing the techniques to paint with ASCP. I won the husband!
    He saw our work, I mean, hard work.
    Are you ready for the next?
    See ya..soon. Marilia.

  2. Marilia!!! I am so happy you are a follower, forgot to tell you!!!
    YES, I am ready for our next course, LOL!!!
    And we have to share some of your recipes here, you always have treats for e when I come to your house!!!
    I love been with you!!!