Thursday 22 March 2012

Vintage finds from Portland

My friend Kika went to Portland last weekend, and brought me a bunch of treasures she found at a vintage shop!

This runner matches perfectly with 
Spring and my Easter centerpiece!
(I know, I have to stop using my cell as a camera...)

Can you see the little butterfly?? It is the runner under this glass tray! Adorable...

She also brought me this throw...
Something my Grandma would've made.
Funny how so many things people don't want it, other people (like me) love it!!!

I think it looks great here, but I am planning to paint two chairs to put by a window you don't see in this picture and that's where it is going to be!

And she brought me this pretty sign, which goes 
PERFECTLY on my newly painted table!!!
Awwww!! I am in love!!!

Kika also brought me a CARD from the store, so I can tell YOU where she found all these treasures!!!
616 E. First St
Newberg, OR 97132
Kathy Smith is the manager
They also have a Facebook page!
I found so cute that Kika asked the lady about the store's story, how it all started. The lady said the owner 
LOVED vintage stuff! 

I used to think I just liked old stuff because I immigrated  to Canada and had to leave all my stuff behind. I did not have family treasures at the time, LOL!
But now I also see people talking about SAVING treasures as a way to protect our environment, recycling and re-purposing! So there! We are saving the planet here!!!


  1. What a sweet friend you have to gift you all that lovely vintage stuff. I think the rug is great. I have a similar one made of granny squares that still smells like my granny's home...sweet and fresh. Love her

    I am following you now on GFC. Mine doesn't work unfortunately but I will still be able to see your new posts coming in.

    Thanks so much for your friendship and your sweet comments.
    PS Happy weekend and I hope it is getting warmer there in good old Canada.

    1. Hi, Carolyn!!!
      I know!!!
      I have lots of stuff that remind me of my grandma, also!
      And yes, such a sweet friend!!!
      And we got some sunny days, finally!!!! I have been
      "thrifting" like crazy, did now have the time to write a new post!!!
      You are very welcome, thank you too, for taking the time to comment on y blog, too!
      Happy Sunday!

  2. you have a good friend
    who brings you lovely things!

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    nice to 'meet' you


    1. Dear Alison!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all these tips!!!
      I will shut off the advertisements, I thought it looked more professional, LOL!!! I hope I can take them off, hahahaha!
      And yes, I a surprise how quickly I am learning as I did not know anything 1 month ago!
      I will check the tutorials, thank you!
      You are very kind to pass along your knowledge!
      I a also going to make a schedule for myself to be prepared for the link parties in advance!
      Have a great Sunday!