Tuesday 20 March 2012

Flourless Orange Cake and Apple Caramel Cake

I am so inspired by so many bloggers out there, trying to make their lives better, taking care of their homes and their families!! 
Aside from home decoration, I have read lots of posts about food and got inspired!!!! Our weather here has been specially "convenient" to stay home and bake!!!Here is what I made!

Flourless Orange Cake, from Desire Empire blog

It looked GREAT!!!

She does such a better job "styling it", LOL!

I looked at her Carolyn's cake again, and comparing mine seems a little "undercooked"?
Anyway, we LOVED it!!! It was moist and citrusy (I invented this word right now)!!!

I felt this one was more of an "adult" cake, so today I made a "kid" pleaser cake:

Apple Caramel Cake, as I read on

I have to say that it looked just like Sherry's cake!

I poured the caramel on top 
(I cannot believe I MADE caramel!!!)

Didn't I do a MUCH better job "staging" my picture this time??? Inspired by Carolyn and Sherry!!!

Sherry mentioned she got a new cup and I also got a new cup so 
I enjoyed her recipe with tea in my new cup...

Next time you see a recipe that you think you will enjoy, TRY IT!!!
It made me SO HAPPY!!!


  1. Hi Claudine

    So happy that you made it and it is quite sloppy so I think it was probably cooked just fine. Glad you enjoyed it.

    The only cake I don't highly recommend on my list is the upside down pear cake.

    Warm wishes
    Ps Hope it warms up for you soon.

    1. Hi, Carolyn!!! Thank you so much for coming back and commenting!!! I LOVE your pictures, you inspired me to do a an Easter brunch!!!

  2. Claudine,
    So glad you liked the cake. It is a favorite of ours around here. It looks delicious with your pretty new teacup. Thanks for writing and telling me you made it! It turned out really pretty.

    1. Hi, Sherry!
      THANK YOU!!! I was surprised on how good mine looked! I am getting better! I got that tray yesterday on Craigslist, it is glass. You are inspiring me to continue tea cup collection, that little cup was the first one I bought in years... I stopped buying at 13! I guess I will keep going to 20?? LOL!

  3. Your cake looks so pretty and delicious. Wish I wasn't on a diet :)

    1. Hi, Laura!!!
      The story of my life, dieting...
      I ate 2 "half" pieces... 1 yesterday and 1 today...
      I was a good girl!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!!