Friday 20 April 2012

"New" Trunk!!!

Hi, everyone! 
I have been down with the flu so I could not prepare anything new to show off this Friday... But then I read this post from Kathryn at Ugly Ducking Transformations and got inspired to show you something I have not finished yet! 

I found so funny Kathryn said a trunk "mysteriously" appeared in her backyard this week. She thinks the neighbours put it there, after seen her hauling old furniture and sanding and painting on her backyard! LOL!!! 
I guess that happens to many of us DIYers??? Well, now that I am one, this happened to me, too!!! 

My friend Christine saw the White Trunk I painted for my bedroom on my blog, and called me: 
"Claudine, my daughter has a trunk just like yours and she wants to get rid of it. I told her to give it to you, for FREE! So here is what is going to happen: 
She works close to you, so she will leave the trunk in her car in the parking lot. Her car will be unlocked. You get there and open the car and take the trunk!!!" 


The trunk was so heavy, I had to take my son with me. He is a teenager, and he was all worried the police was going to STOP us from opening a car in the parking lot... 
Teenagers can be so dramatic... 
So we literally behaved like thieves, because everything happened so fast, he did not want to get caught and have to explain the whole story... 
Anyway, I love it!!! 
And like Christine said, it is the PERFECT PRICE!!! 
This baby will be finished and up for sale at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market in June!

Isn't it beautiful?? It is actually a perfect size for the foot of the bed: almost 4 feet long  (120cm).

       The white paint will bring out the details!

Loads of storage space, and all lined up with cedar...

I love when I can see where the furniture is from!
This one is made in Canada, and about 60 years old!

I hope you get lucky like Kathryn and me, and have your friends (or anonymous friends) bring YOU something, too!

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  1. Very nice score!! I can't believe she wasn't worried about leaving her car unlocked!!


    1. She wasn't!!! But I went there like 30 min after she was at work. So the car was not unlocked for long!
      But once I bought form a nice gentleman from Craigslist, and he left teapots on his passenger seat and the car unlocked! I was late for our appointment so he said "take the teapots and put the money in the glove box!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!! I did and locked everything after and texted him: DONE!!!! He was at a class, and I arrived like 5 minutes late. So he couldn't wait. I a having so much fun with this new job!!!! Thanks for coming over, Kathryn!

  2. Wow, how nice to get that for free. What a great piece.

    1. Thank you Kim!!!!
      Should I paint it another color???
      Like Paris Gray???
      I know, I feel so lucky!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  3. Lucky YOU!!! Awesome piece you have here. I'm a new follower:)


    1. Hi, Linda!!!
      Thank you so much for following me!!!
      I am so glad you like the trunk!
      Now I am questioning myself... should I paint pure white... or Paris Grey??
      Blessing back to you!!! I am going to visit you, too!

  4. Hello Claudine! So nice stopping by to visit with you and say Hi! Sweet place you have here :) Your hope chest is beautiful. I think it is old. The style looks like the furniture my parents had in the 1940-50's.

    I have a hope chest that was a gift when I graduated high school. It is dark pine and I have had painting it on my to-do list for a long time. Just talked to my daughter last week and she is encouraging me to get started. I saw a trunk you painted several posts ago and it is lovely!

    Kindly, Lorraine

    1. Hi, Lorraine!!!
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!
      Yes, it has a warranty that says July 1940 on it!
      Yes, please paint your trunk and show us!!!
      I was SO surprised when I painted the trunk for my bedroom!
      Actually, the way you called seems more charming...
      "Hope Chest". I like that. SO, my other Hope Chest really stood out with the white paint... And in the details, I left the brush almost without paint, not to soak all the details with paint. I absolutely loved it. What color you are thinking to paint yours? Use chalk paint, it is EASY. No sanding necessary! I will come visit you on your blog soon!

  5. Hey Claudine...saw that you had popped over to see me. Thank you for your sweet comments. I really tried to make that post amusing. I popped by again just to sya thanks but then I saw your post about the "hope chest". How amazingly lucky to get that trunk for free. The interior looks brand spanking new, especially for a 60 year old piece. I would love to have a piece like this. I remember "hope chests" from my teenage years. It was called a hope chest because it was usually given to young women for them to put things up in anticapation of being a married lady. I didn't have one but most of my friends did. That is a great gift you have recieved

    1. Hi, Roxanne!!!
      You are very welcome! I LOVE reading people's blogs, I feel like we are all friends, I guess because we have so much in common?
      Thank you so much for telling me about the hope chest!
      You won't believe this but a friend came by TODAY, saw it ans asked me for how much I was planning to sell... she said that was a BARGAIN and she would TAKE IT!!!! So I am starting working on it tomorrow and will deliver it to her end of this week! I will write a post about it when it is ready!XOXO

  6. This trunk is amazing love it. so lovely to meet you found you through another friend it is special when you find a new friend like you I'm now following you so we can keep in touch, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Always Wendy

    1. Hi, Wendy!
      I am so glad you found me here!!! I know, I love this trunk!
      I just popped to your blog, what adorable granddaughters you have!!!
      I am now following you, too!

  7. Love the trunk, and the fact that you had to "steal" it out of the trunk makes it even better :)

    1. Hi, Laura!!!!
      Oh, how much I wish I could go treasure hunting with you!!!
      Do you have funny stories to tell as well??
      I told Kathryn (comment above) once I opened a car and got silver teapots and put the money in the glove box, locked the car and walked away!!! Just texted my Craigslist contact: "done" AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!! Seriously!!!

  8. Woow, that´s a real antique!!
    It´s beautiful! I can´t beleive someone wanted to get rid of it. You got lucky!

    1. Hi, Tatiana!
      I KNOW!!! The size is also PERFECT for the feet of a bed, you know? I liked it so much I was already looking around the house to see WHERE I could put it... LOL!!!
      But a friend of mine came ot visit and fell in love with it! SO she bought it! My first piece, sold! I still have to paint it though!
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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  9. That trunk is awesome; so sweet of your friend to just give it away! I'm now linky following you and would so appreciate it if you could drop by and follow me back. Tx

    1. Thank you so much, Sherry! I appreciate you coming over and following me! Yes, I am now following you, too! AMAZING mirror project!!!!Cheers,