Monday 28 May 2012

My First Fair!!!

Dear friends, 
Last Saturday I participated in my first fair! 
It was a school Spring Fair here in my city.
My friend Kika kids study there and she asked me if 
I wanted to participate, for experience!
The table cost only $25 so what did I have to lose?

The Fair was GREAT! 
By the time I took this picture I had already sold three items. Two of them did not make ANY photo...

I tried to make some silver trays with chalkboard paint in the middle... argghh did not turn out so good...

SO, I kept doing the stuff I like, my painting!
The 2 candle holders on the left sold!

The silver pot on the right, sold!
The silver "thingy" behind the teapot sold, too. 
You can see it opened in the picture below. My friend Pam suggested to put cu-tips in the lid and cotton balls in the "body" of the container. Who knows what the real use was for? (I loved them... do you have a hard time letting stuff GO?)

For my first experience, I say it was a success!
I sold 9 pieces. All kinds of items, some stuff I painted but most of them were treasures found here and there.

The chubby candle holder on the very left was sold, also.
The cake plate on the back was also sold, here is a better picture:
When I told my friend Christine I wanted to make cake plates, she gave me this one... And it was the first one SOLD! 
I was reluctant to glue the plates to the bases but Pam encouraged me and SHE CHOSE this winning combination!!
Here are the other ones she suggested!
I don't know why I am such a chicken!
If they don't sell, I can always keep them!
These pictures I took with my cell. I have some in my camera, like a candlestick I made from an old lamp, ADORABLE... But my friend Pam came to help me price the items and fell in love with it!!! I am so flattered she bought it Friday night and took it home, LOL!!! We even had a fight over the price, what a dilemma is to sell to friends!!!
I appreciate suggestions on a policy in how to sell to friends, if you have it!
This mirror was my biggest item sold!
I painted the white mirror. I got lots of interest in it but did not sell it. I love it... I love everything I sell, lol!

My friend Kelley, from The Upholster's Wife, suggested me to make the chalkboard out of an old frame, to write Condensed Love Home, on it! Pam suggested to add ASCP painted furniture to add interest!
AMAZING how everybody comes together to help us, right?
I feel so blessed!

I better get started in my bigger items for the Vintage Market! That's coming up SOON!!!


  1. Congrats! The pictures look great!

    FYI: The 'thingy' behind the teapot is actually a hairspray can holder (think of the big ol' Aqua Net ones). We have a couple of them and my husband was convinced they were some type of candleholders so I did a bit of investigating. Back in the 40's and 50's it would be a part of a vanity set, to hide the ugly cans. :)

    1. Dear Erin!!! You are a "Very Educated Mother" indeed!!!
      I am SO GLAD you told me that??? I also thought it was a candle holder lol! But it did not make sense to have a lid??

      Thank you so much for dropping by to encourage me!!!

  2. Awesome finds! Congrats on the fair! I really loved the white chairs... need some! Glad you had a fabulous weekend! ~ Vanessa

    1. Hi, Vanessa!!!! Thank you!!! the chairs look white but they are a very light blue! I also thought they were white when I saw them. They are farm house chairs, kind of smaller than the regular dinning chairs. I got the just like that. Should I paint them with ASCP and wax them?
      Thank you so much for coming over!!!

  3. Congrats to my Partner in Crime !! I am so proud of you . You are now the veteran seller !
    The display looks great!!

    1. Awwww, thank you, Kelley!!! Did you see how great the chalkboard turned out? I barely painted it (just the front, lol) with Paris Gray. Did not even wax it. Some people wanted it but I said it is not even finished!
      Thank you so much, if it wasn't for you, I would not be in any Fair!!!

  4. I am so glad your first fair went well! You seem to have had some great items, no wonder you did good! I love your chalk board frame, and the mirrors are lovely as well. Good luck at the vintage market!

    1. Thank you, Kristel!!! I seem to connect with people very well.
      So I go buy something and they start bringing their stuff out, LOL!!! I do find some great items, instinct, perhaps??
      Let's see if people at the vintage market have the same taste as me!
      I appreciate you coming over and commenting!

  5. Claudine...If I lived near you I'd RUN for that gorgeous white mirror! I have a spot already picked out! I can't find one that I the hunt continues. Congrats on your success!!!

    1. LOL!!!! You made me laugh!!
      I know, isn't it perfect?? The pain is, there is a crack in the frame! I did not notice when I bought it. it was repaired. But painted is not even noticeable. But I put in the tag. It might have stopped people from buying? It is a deal, anyway.
      And YES, i have been looking for spots to hang it here in y house!!! I guess a DIYer house is ever changing??
      I appreciate your kind comment, Sarah!!!

  6. Hi Claudine;
    Congratulations on your successful sale! I also had a great weekend at Scout. I love all of your creations and can't believe how far you have come!! You are amazing! Are you going to The Passionate Home anniversary tomorrow night (Tuesday)?
    If so, I will see you there!
    home sweet nest

    1. WOW, THANK YOU, Elisa!!! It means a lot to me!!!
      I bet you did, your stuff is wonderful!
      I a so far from you, Elisa, you have no idea.. LOL
      I tried to make some silver trays... disgusting, LOL!
      Oh, and remember the latiss shelf??GRRRR// It is painted, but it took 3 and a half cans of spray paint? I updated that post.
      HAHAHAHAHAAH!!I have to laugh not to cry!! I had spray paint everywhere!!!
      I did not know about the Passionate Home Anniversary!!! I follow the blog, Carrie did not post on the blog, I think!
      I will make an effort to go tomorrow, but I am not sure if I will be able to make it... I would love to see you!
      Thanks again for being so kind with me!

  7. LOVE your booth...everything looks so pretty and vintagy! :} Congratulations on your sales!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!!!
      So nice of you to come over!
      I just became your follower, loved the beans recipe!
      I am going to read the corn bread recipe, too!
      I always wanted to make corn bread!
      Talk to you soon!

  8. I'm so happy for you, Claudine!! I'm glad you had success AND a good time!! Your things are beautiful, so I'm not surprised :) I love your cake plates... I may need to try and make one, one day myself. By the way, thank you for encouraging me to introduce myself to Elise at the Vintage Fair - she was wonderful to meet, and found myself very flattered when I found she's read my blog too! :)
    Take care!! xo

    1. Awww, thank you, Leanne!!!
      Elisa is the sweetest! She encouraged me to write my blog!!!
      It is SO nice to meet our local bloggers, we need to meet once in a while!
      To make the plates, just wash and dry them. Then sand a little bit the plate and the base you will glue.
      Use E6000 glue, I bought mine at Michael's. Put some weight on it and wait a day if you want to wash. I put in mt price tag: "hand wash only"
      Browse on Etsy: vintage cake plates and a bunch of different combinations of bases and plates will show up!
      Thank you so much for coming over I know you are super busy!!!

  9. Claudine,
    What a great display you had!! I love the chalkboard and the cake platters! Did you end up going to the Passionate Home? I would have loved to, but it's very far and my kids don't go to bed until 730. I will get there one day! I hope you had a good time at your first fair - great practice for the one coming up!!
    PS - I'm looking for price tags - can I ask where you got yours? Are you printing on them by hand, or using your computer/printer?

    1. Hi, Kathryn!!!!
      SOrry it took me so long to respond!!!!
      I have been SO BUSY... my son got his N on Tuesday, so he is more independent but I need to share my car, lol!!!
      No, I did not go. I was disappointed but I only knew when Elisa told me here on my blog, so I did not plan it! So my son had the car until almost 5pm and I live in North Van. I also like to plan stuff ahead...
      Yes, I got my tags at Michaels but thought they were expensive.. more than $8 for a pack of 20... I bought a heart shaped stamp so cute. But I think making out of card stock and perforating will be cheaper. I saw some hole puncher in a heart shape, too, lol! But Kelley from The Upholster's Wife said she found some tags at Fred Meyers (grocery shop in the States). I am actually debating what to do to bring it to the Fair... I have a friend that designed my logo she said I can get a stamp made for $15. So stamping card stock, punching the hole and cuting the tags might be the way to go? My friend Pam brought me some crimping scissors? You know, the ones that make cute edges? So no printing necessary. Or just printing and cutting and punching holes and adding the string... HAHAHAHAHA!!! I am tired already!!!! The ones at Michaels have the string already and they are almost like gift tags? or tags for wedding favours??
      Lets keep in touch, I can't wait to meet you!!!

  10. Claudine I'm so happy for you. I can only imagine the thrill of knowing there are others out there who are enjoying your items. Your items displayed were lovely and I'm thrilled about your success!

    1. You are so kind, Sherry!!!
      Yes, it is amazing to think: whaaat??? do you LIKE my stuff???
      But I had great reception, people were intrigued!
      One thing about going to a school fair is that I was DIFFERENT from everybody else. SO that was a good thing, no competition.
      But at the same time, people were busy with the kids, so there was not much time (or space in their hands) to buy house stuff. A couple of people asked me about custom jobs!!!
      Thanks again for reading my blog and taking the time to comment!

  11. Congratulations on your your first show, Claudine! Wasn't it fun? Alot of work, but you always meet such great people, don't you? :) So glad that it was a success for you! Your items were fabulous!

    xoxo laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie! Yes, it was fun! And YES, a lot of work! I got a little nervous a few days before, but composed myself on the day!!! LOL! Yes, everybody that stopped by was really nice! Some people even asked me about custom work!
      Thanks you so much, I feel I am "flying blind" regarding the items, but it seems people liked my stuff! I might be wrong regarding silver, though. I LOVE IT, but people seem to find a hassle to clean it. I used to think it was a lot of work, but it is not that bad! Thanks for coming over!!! I want to lay down on your garden bench fluffy pillows RIGHT NOW!!!